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Joshua Jackson:

[Channel Comment] I just want to thank you for your great videos. I am a complete believer in what you guys are doing. I have excepted Jesus into my heart partly because of the work you guys do.. I thought I could never be forgiven for my past until I watched your videos. You helped changed my life and I am now in service at my new church and I am being baptized sept 28th (2013) and I just wanted to thank you personally brother. So thank you from the bottom of my heart. God bless you


Bravo Grims:

[Channel Comment] In all my 17 teen years of life I never believed in god or any of that because well u could say my life has been filled with a lot of drastic events as in deaths and horrible tragedies in my life and I would always think that God couldn’t be real because everyone that I love is dying and leaving me but after watching your videos it gives me hope especially the videos that john is in thank you guys for making these videos and helping me threw a tough time in my life


Scott Ware:

[Channel Comment] God Bless you and all of your work. Leading spirits to GOD from beyond is something that takes a strong faith in this world today, there are so many disbelievers on our world but it is what we teach our children that makes Great souls to bring God's children HOME. Your Mother must have been a wonderful person with a Beautiful HEART.



[Channel Comment] Love this channel! You guys are doing such awesome investigations. The intervention aspect is so important. I believe you are also very respectful, the blessings and crossing over is the best I have yet to see. The spirit/ghost box sessions are incredible. Please keep the investigations coming!



[Channel Comment] guys have a great weekend your vids are a blessing to me because without you bringing spiritual warfare to light non-believers would scoff at the possibilities of divine intervention as they believe talking to the dead is demonic and forbidden according to the bible.


Sickayda Mars:

[Channel Comment] This is history making, Jesus has been telling us about this the whole time, we are learning in leaps and bounds, simply because of the Ghost box invention, how awesome is this that we can be candid with the spirit world, so it is true the dead walk the Earth in limbo, and some have been here for thousands of years? Incredible! I love you guys so much for you have done, you have completely changed my life, and just think, I was already saved in 2008, you guys are so blessed, please pray for me, thank you.

Best regards,

Eric Johnson


Todd R Flagg:

[Posted on our Facebook Page] Thank you it is a pleasure to be here, I've been watching YouTube videos for the lies few months. So much so, I had to go buy my own spirit box and put together my own crew of friends that are also my brothers in Christ. We have had some amazing experience one of us actually speaks Arabic fluently and we have been working on converting spirits that have been here waiting for my Mohammed to return to take them to paradise for six or seven hundred years. We actually speak to them in both English and Arabic which they understand, what they speak all of the time Arabic which I need it translated and my friend Jamaal Betts is able to do this for the rest of the group. Due to your videos it's motivated me to try to help spread the word of Jesus Christ in the spirit realm, and I'll get as many of our brothers and sisters the never knew Jesus back to him even after death!! Thank you for posting your videos its help change my life and the life of my son for now he believes in God and I believe that is just because of what he has been a witness to put the spare parts you're given no choice but to leave believe in heaven and hell. Thank you for allowing me to be here.




[Little Brown Box] Excellent team work! Never seen a team like this! You guys are absolutely great players!!! I heard psychics that worked for police, but I never did believe in that. BUT - what you guys are doing may well be the next step in forensics! Even if you find just circumstantial evidence, that would be a real big help solving whatever needs to be solved! Greets from Serbia!




 [Message From John] I have been in and out of church all my life, and I have been faithful many times, and at times lost faith, but know in the end that God's love won't fail as long as I believe, and I do, and I know the best is yet to come. We are not promised another day, and I agree, treat each day as a gift, and know God has control over all things, & purpose for everything.


Sheree Carr:

[Message From John] Thank you so much for doing what you do. God bless you!



 [Message From John] If you do a search about it, you’ll find out that John is a priest that sits next to God and Jesus. He is allowed outside of Gods Holy Room and retrieve spirits and also return.



[Message From John] Bro, I Bet you get people who doesn’t believe in God see this they will be like "OMG!" I got chills nice one! YOUR DOING SOMETHING GREAT MY FRIEND~!



 [Message From John] Amazing! John!!!!!!!!

Scott Ware:

[Message From John] I am all for what you’re doing and I do think you’re on the right track. In the 2nd book of Moses, called EXODUS Chapter 33 HOLY BIBLE containing the old and the new testaments form William Collins Glasgow dec 20 1948 my grandmothers Bible. Please don't be offended we should all be trying to help those who are lose souls. I think you’re doing GOD's work and it is very important to all of mankind. GOD BLESS Rev. Ware


Tanya Burchett:

[Message From John] I'm not religious, but I am spiritual..and, I believe in the lord. and his afterlife in heaven. I thank you for your services... and I hope, if god wants it for me.. That, I can one day do the same as you, and free the lost spirits from their ties to the human world. I believe once they pass, a demon pounces and tries to keep them here. I think, the demon tells them they are too bad to go to heaven, and give up on the hope of going. And, when you guys come, you set them free.


Evidence of God & The Supernatural:

[Message From John] This video was instrumental in leading me to where I am today with my relationship with the Lord and I don't guess I ever said that point blank, so I thought I would post a comment over here and encourage anyone riding the fence or not sure about where they are going when they die to pay very close attention to what John said...Bring them home By Christ". That is key! Praise his Holy Name. 



 [Message From John] I only found this channel a while back, and it really does reinforce the faith. We can always use more for them days we feel a bit lost..Thanx for the super vid's from "EOG" too, Bobby



Devin Tarbell2:

[Victims of the Shawnee attack Speak] Every one of your videos, so far, have been amazing. I got to say, Ghost Hunters and Ghost Adventures sucks compared to you guys. Thank you so much for keeping it real. I am serious. Thanks. Cheers, live, laugh and love.


Devin Tarbell2:

[Victims of the Shawnee attack Speak] I just call it how I see it. The more I watch your videos, the more amazed I get. You have captured so much more than any others. And you are real about it. You are not trying to throw in things that are not really happening. You straight out tell your team that you won’t or can’t do something if it would not validate what you’re doing. Like in your video, the road so far, when you said you cannot ask the question because you are on the box. I can’t thank you enough for doing this and sharing honestly. Thank you and your team.



Kandy Robinson:

 [A Matter of Faith] This video actually made me want to know that these people were being held back because of a demon. Then you finding them and John was able to save them and take them to heaven is nothing short of a miracle. I pray that these people were able to all make it to heaven. I wish that there are people like your group here in Georgia. I would definitely love to get involved in something like this. I pray for your group and will continue to watch as long as you all post.



 [A Matter of Faith]

                This video is proof that there is life after death.

                This video is proof that you can communicate to spirits / the other side.

                This video is proof that Jesus does exist.

                This video is proof that there is a placed called Heaven.

                This video is proof that you can help spirits

                I can't even put into words how I feel about witnessing this awesome event.



[A Matter of Faith] wow that was amazing, I’ve never seen anything like this



[A Matter of Faith] Still my favorite video ....simply awesome!!!



[A Matter of Faith] Faith is right, I think this vid just made me renew mine. Hasn't been in good standings for quite some time now.



[A Matter of Faith] your videos are just amazing, the information from the other side is answering a lot of wonderings and putting pieces together for me, Thank you so much.



 [A Matter of Faith] omg I loved this video... I can't stop crying... !! (tears of joy)



[A Matter of Faith] Wow. It’s really, really nice to see you guys doing this. Imagine how lost they must’ve felt, and how alone and helpless against that demon. Nice to see them go to our Lord.






[A Matter of Faith] I also found this to be so amazing, and am in Georgia. I agree, there needs to be more groups like this to see if we are some how able to play a role ministering to those who have passed, and get them set free. Jesus is sooo real, and this is just more evidence to me that proves He is real. Once you are His, nothing can hurt you



 [A Matter of Faith] Beautiful. I like to see people doing this with a purpose. Sure I've had my bouts with a demon and it can be very unpleasant and caught a few evps. But this is amazing!



[A Matter of Faith] I love to re-watch this because it is just too convincing that we will be with Jesus as long as we believed it to be. This is soooo amazing. "Take rest in me" which means no worries or fears ever as long as I believe. Thank you Jesus



[A Matter of Faith] This is SOOOOOOO awesome, Tell the world Im coming Home!!!!!! to hear and visualize the fight between angels and demons WHEW!!!!! and then Jesus taking them to give them rest, PRAISE GOD!!!!!! I knew it, I knew it, its SOOOO real!!!! PRAISE JESUS!!!!!!



[A Matter of Faith] oh wow, amazing.. just w/o words.. I have always been into the paranormal, and you guys just take it to the next level, the BEST level.. THANK YOU FOR WHAT YOU DO..i think you need a t.v. show 100%.. That way you can help ppl who are still here as well.. GOD BLESS



[A Matter of Faith] it sounded like Jesus personally came for them. With comments like I’ll give you rest. God bless your crew on the work you do. These spirits need to remember john 3:16



[A Matter of Faith] I cried this whole video. God is amazing and that was beautiful! I'm soo glad I found your channel!


Michelle Gosser:

[A Matter of Faith] Awesome, amazing, praise Jesus! Good chill bumps all over! Your group above all others is doing the work God! Keeping you all in my prayers as you do His will!


Sura Daniel:

[A Matter of Faith] God loves us all. I can see it now. I feel changed. Thank you.


Sharon G:

[A Matter of Faith] "Come to me all who are weary and I will give you rest." Darrinwed sent me here, and am I ever glad that he did! This was amazing! Y'all confirmed my hopes and beliefs. Thank you so much.


Tonya Lafarr:

[A Matter of Faith] This was just amazing to see. I just started watching this channel and its opened my eyes on Heaven and Jesus Christ. Thank you for your messages.




[Silver Cord] Hey!!! Please Please Please post more investigations, I look forward to your experiences with the lost souls coming back to the Lord and not being trapped in a place any longer. Your ministry and love for God extending His mercy to others lifts my heart to the MOON!!!!! Thank You guys, it seems like you all are precious to the Lord!!! love it!




[Ballroom Doorway to Heaven] Maybe if the church heard the message from John from heaven they would open their minds more. John clearly stated who he was, and to please help these spirits believe and find faith. He said you help ghosts. But like you said to follow what the Holy Spirit tells you. I know ever since I Accepted Christ as my Lord and Savior if I was to do or do anything that wasn't righteous or was wrong I felt it inside me, I would feel the guilt I would feel inside to stop or not to do it. .


Sling Blade:

[Ballroom Doorway to Heaven] I lost my mom a few years ago. I felt God call me to service as Pastor as a teenager. I have fought my entire life of that very life. I have wanted material things such as money and a title as success. I hope this is real because it gives me hope. It drives a nail through the center of me as to what is real. Remember this name of mine. Remember.



[Ballroom Doorway to Heaven] This is an amazing video. I haven't seen anything like this on YouTube. Do you think these spirits possibly didn't believe in God while they were alive so their spirit was sort of stuck here on earth instead of being sent to hell? They all sounded so miserable and desperate through their begging you to help them.



[Ballroom Doorway to Heaven] This is absolutely sensational! Seriously guys, incredible... Im starting to believe God and spirits and the afterlife more than ever!!! It is almost proven in this Ghost Box session, they call for Jesus, they go through a doorway with John. Amazing!


Matthew Crook:

[Ballroom Doorway to Heaven] Hey, I'm wondering if you're going to post more videos like this? I'm going to subscribe because, quite frankly, I have NEVER seen anything like this before. This is amazing. I am so looking forward to what your future ghost box sessions reveal. Maybe you'll free more spirits in the future?


Ian Olsen:

[Ballroom Doorway to Heaven] By far one of the best ghost box sessions I've ever heard.



[Ballroom Doorway to Heaven] Hi, I' a Christian believer. I still wonder about our souls though, so lately I’ve been watching all the ghost hunter type shows I can, and evps and spiritbox sessions too. Today I found yours. It made me emotional because I felt like my faith was reinforced! I believed already, but maybe not as much as I should have. Now I' 101% sure I' going to heaven! Yeaaaaa! Thanks guys I subscribed and hope more spiritbox sessions are like this one!!!! Blessings to you, and nonbelievers: start searching now



[Ballroom Doorway to Heaven] These sessions are fantastic. I do ghost box sessions with friends, as well as on my own. Recently I have heard a lot of spirits saying Help me &please help me. But I'm not sure how I can help or even if I can help, until I saw this video. Thanks :)



[Ballroom Doorway to Heaven] This recording chills my spine and brings tears to my eyes



[Ballroom Doorway to Heaven] that was really profound



[Ballroom Doorway to Heaven] It seems most deceased are having problem with getting out of the spiritual realm. It's really scary to hear that they're struggling to get out.



[Ballroom Doorway to Heaven] I am blown away by this! Great work! Keep doing the Lords work!



[Ballroom Doorway to Heaven] Wow !!This is Very Good. Great Video Guys. I like how you are trying to help them fine Jesus.



[Ballroom Doorway to Heaven] also need to pray for them at the same time that they are supposed to call out to Jesus! Prayers always keep saying "all you need to do is believe" but remember even the dead have to practice the faith for it to work, just like us humans who are alive.....think about it



[Ballroom Doorway to Heaven] this one is my favorite, got watering eyes, with your team we will perfect and understand what perhaps will be, or could be avoided in? Our venture to the other realms



[Ballroom Doorway to Heaven] You guys are awesome. The work you’re doing is amazing. Your videos have helped answer some of my questions about death but I still have sum of course. I’ve been born again since a child though I still deal with certain things of the flesh that have a strong grip on me, but I know Jesus stills loves me. I’ve been through a lot in life that’s tested my faith but it’s never been broken. Keep doingGod’s work guys!


Willie Burnett:

[Ballroom Doorway to Heaven] Your team is very professional. Need your on TV show.



[Ballroom Doorway to Heaven] Now I'm getting the idea who John is. He's not flesh and blood....he's angelic, I guess you'd say. I believe it's his voice that booms over everybody else's, and says at 44:55 "PSALM 28"..."FROM SCRIPTURE". Wow. This is the most powerful video I've ever seen. Bar none.



[Ballroom Doorway to Heaven] Hi from Arizona again. I just read Psalms 28. WOW! It's blown my mind, too. Never read it like that! What else COULD it mean, other than the way we're now seeing it.



[Ballroom Doorway to Heaven] I JUST looked up Psalms 28 and... OMG. Is that a prayer for the spirits to depart from here, I mean... My mind is blown.


Sickayda Mars:

[Ballroom Doorway to Heaven]]I loveyou guys!!!! the spirit is moving around the world, I see your methods are working to free trapped souls, I have never seen anything like this, when I was saved I didn't know what to do, so I began reading the bible, and I changed inside, I felt a fire in my head and sounds of Angels struck terror in my heart that it was all real, and that for all 38 years of my life wasted on materialistic and Satanic Ideology found that these experiences were required by God to know good, and evil.

Response; well stories like this is exactly why we do this. Back in the day Peter and Paul both had to break it to the Jews that God’s grace extended to the gentiles. They were angry and did not believe it. Dan and Shawn trusted God to show just how far God is willing to go to save us.1) As if allowing his own son to die was not enough. 2) That He stands by His promise that "ALL" who call on the name of the Lord WILL be saved. Weather they down to the deepest of Hell GOD will be there!. God is GOOD!



[Double Blind GhostBox - Doubts about Christ] The feeling I get from this is that some sprits are being held, energy taken, controlled by bad entities. Some spirits that have done bad things in life feel they can’t be accepted to heaven, they call themselves evils.



[Double Blind GhostBox - Doubts about Christ] It's very hard to be an atheist when we see demons running scared from simple words of God.



[Double Blind GhostBox - Doubts about Christ] Right on... absolutely! Need to get 'em back to where they belong. But man, I sure feel sorry for so many of them. You can tell they're just in mega-pain. I can't stand to see an animal injured on the road and it just kills me to hear so many folks suffer, incl. the knuckleheads that simply flat-out refuse to cry out to Jesus.




[Double Blind Ghost Box Experiment with Patrick and Shawn] You know, I didn't really think spirits exist, but this changes my mind.



[Double Blind Ghost Box Experiment with Patrick and Shawn] You guys have an amazing paranormal group, thank you for sharing and please, please keep making videos!! SAI takes a unique approach to paranormal investigating, one that I think should be used in the field more often. Thumbs up guys!!




[Patrick & Dave usher Michelle to her family] I LOVE your investigations and what you try to do when on them! On behalf of mankind and spirit kind - thanks.



[A Historic Message for Mankind] Well well, I'm glad I believe already! Because it appears that Jesus is in fact God!!! If you don’t believe, start. Just saying! Awesome video guys!



Devin Tarbell:

[Finding the 15th Massachusetts Line] Just so you know, I have been spreading your channels name around to have people check you out. I am just so amazed. For real, you have totally restored my faith in Jesus. I cannot thank you enough for that. Keep up the great work. Can’t wait for more vids. Cheers, live, laugh and love....


[Reenactment Experiment with Double Blind Ghost Box]One of the best things I've seen so far as paranormal on you tube. Thanks.



Scott Ware:

[Heaven Underneath Our Feet] This is Beautiful! Thank you for validating what I fell is truth in my soul


Paulobraveheart Martins:

[Heaven Underneath Our Feet] Thanks guys, that is just wonderful!


Mercia-Jeanne Kruger:

[Heaven Underneath Our Feet] I am in South Africa, and I am hooked to your channel. People ask for proof of God, this is absolute proof!! My faith was extremely shaky for the past 4 years and after seeing this there is no more doubt in my mind about where I am going! Absolutely Amazing!!!



[Heaven Underneath Our Feet] I just teared up so much. I can't believe you got to hear that I wish I could’ve heard it in person… You guys are saving the lost. 




[Michael and the Red Legged Devil's]It is awesome to see that God is so heavily acknowledged and that the spirits of the past are crossing over to where they belong. You guys as always are doing? Such great work. As a group you all make the paranormal field even more interesting to study and watch!




[Prison Break Investigation at Moundsville] please keep doing these investigations!!! its imperative to the lost spirits and for those that still don’t believe. I really am proud of you all that you heard the call of God and are doing it!!! I really look forward to your videos, don’t stop!




[A Hard Cell, Paranormal Style!] I love the fact u guys always try to help the spirits try to find heaven thru the lord Jesus Christ, and I love y'all for that I guys are by far the best u guys will be on top soon I even shared y'all video on Google + so watch your views rise!Keep up the good work in the name of the Father, the Son and Holy Spirit Amen!



[A Hard Cell, Paranormal Style!] Much love to you guys. Your videos have helped me find faith :-)


Bonny Barbier:

[A Hard Cell, Paranormal Style!] It is again awesome guys, you give people and the lost souls their faith back in our lord. May God bless you and your team on your journeys.



[A Hard Cell, Paranormal Style!] Now you folks know what it is like for an intuitive. The help call is pretty constant. Although most investigators leave a site without helping. Thanks for what you do.



[A Hard Cell, Paranormal Style!] God bless you guys for the work you do. You are among very few investigators who help spirits and troubled ones also into the light. I love watching your videos, thankyou!!


Jamie Whitten:

[A Hard Cell, Paranormal Style!] This is awesome guys. Setting the prisoners free!



[A Hard Cell, Paranormal Style!] Even though I don't know you guys personally I love yall. The work yall are doing is amazing and has opened my eyes to even more of the truth then I knew before. Thankfully Jesus blessed me with an open but also intelligent mind. Through everything I've been through in life (my father’s suicide, the disease of addiction, etc.) my faith has only gotten stronger. Satan can’t break me because he didn't make me and Jesus saved me!! GOD BLESS


Krzysiek Smoliński:

[A Hard Cell, Paranormal Style!] When I watch your pictures I feel touched, they are humane and shows hurtnes on the second side, no matter on time they died. I have so many questions and pointers but I can’t tell them because there is a problem with communication, I don’t know your language well. Of course I will monitoring you and admire your help to those ones who need it on the second side. Greetings from Poland, Krzysiek



[A Hard Cell, Paranormal Style!] When u showed the redeem by Christ sign, I got this wonderful shivers all down my right side of my body and my eyes watered up, amazing I was an atheist but after all of what I've seen in the past week or so I consider myself a believer.



Larua Fuhrer:

[I'm Coming Out 7/13/13] I've had so many incidences since I was a little kid...some good, some not so good. I'm SO happy for new videos! I've watched all your videos many times I guess I'm addicted. Your groups approach is fantastic. I especially Loved Gettysburg and Mountain Lake Ballroom -- "John" is awesome. Why do you get the response "seven" so many different times? What does that represent? Keep up the wonderful work you, Dan and your team are doing!! God Bless!!


BGMaster TheMASK:

[I'm Coming Out 7/13/13] Ever since I watched your videos, I gave my life to Jesus Christ. I got baptized and the craziest thing I was driving home..

My radio didn't want to work, so I just keep driving home. And the Radio turned on. To myself I got scared..

The Radio started scrabbling through radio stations. and I heard "I’m glad you’re safe now “ I pulled over and just took a breather and get a hold of myself..

As I calmed down and walked back to the car this song came on "Your washed by blood, from deep inside, you’re not a prisoner of your own life. "I had a feeling my grandma was with me or a guardian angel or maybe Jesus himself..




[Aquatic Ghost Box]: Hey guys, watched this already and all your others multiple times, whenever I feel the need for some uplifting!! I know you're all very busy, but. hope you are able to go out on a new hunt very soon!!! You are hands down my favorite paranormal group!! Seriously, you guys need to have your own television show, think of the millions of people who need and would love to see you messages of hope!!! Wishing you all, all the best in everything you do!!! Your devoted fan, Shakti7457



Larua Fuhrer:

[The Road So Far] This is wicked Cool. Absolutely amazing! May God give a special blessing to you and your team for all your good work....all of? you!! Once again, as always, you all have reaffirmed and fortified my beliefs in our Savior. Thank you and God Bless!



[The Road So Far] I want to thank you SupernaturalMedia and all the paranormal? investigators out there. You made me believe again, and it's the best gift anyone can receive. As many young people today I was lost, I was very cynical and skeptic, thank God my inevitable curiosity bring me all the way here. Keep bringing truth and God bless you all.


Louise Smith:

[The Road So Far] Hi Guys, I came across u quite recently by shear accident! (or was it an accident?) anyways I just wanna say I am totally blown away by what u guys do, absolutely phenomenal, couple of episodes even brought me to tears! (Heaven underneath us) (Red devils ) AMAZED. U all do a fantastic job and Thank you so much for sharing!? Amen to yeahs.. The reason I say by accident (or was it by accident?) is just recently I was feeling alone, frustrated & abandoned..I asked OUT LOUD for GOD to help me understand, show me something..& hand on heart this is what I come across..Your Video's!!! See what I? mean? Thanx again! Louise.Liverpool UK <3


Devin Tarbell2:

[The Road So Far] If your videos do anything for me, it is to restore my faith in Christ. Thank you. This is amazing. I need one of these things. Oh, the work I could do.....



Reverend :

[The End of WAR] Oh my! That was superb. Excellent footage, your technique on the Gbox is truly incredible. I'm sold and I bet I've watched 1000's of hours of ghost box stuff. Looked like another successful cross over Praise Jesus! That was some serious Baryshnikov ballet steps dancing with that bat! I laughed, nothing more startling and creepy than bats buzzing you. Thanks for another enjoyable video. Blessings to you and the team!



Donald Eugene:

[The End of WAR] I enjoy watching, more important the saving souls is a miracle. The work that you and your team is doing is miraculous. God bless ya'll.


Larua Fuhrer:

[The End of WAR] The bat wrangling at the end was a riot and the music you put with it was hysterical!!! Aim and jump and duck 2,3,4 lol. The cross over was amazing. Your entire team never cease to amaze me with your abilities to truly help the lost souls you encounter. Thank you for posting this. Continued blessings to you all.


Louise Smith:

[The End of WAR] Absolutely in AWE!! Amazing how you guys have figured how to master the ghostbox, blind/double blind etc..phenomenal work! Brought to tears to hear the cross over. I cant believe how excited I get when I see a new episode from you guys.So blessed.Thanx For sharing. <3 Louise.Liverpool UK. By the way, after the tears,that end part with the bat had me giggling..tears & laughter what more could we want? =) Thank-You. 



[The End of WAR] Absolutely Wonderful there was Tears of Joy and many Tears of Laughter shed during the viewing of this session I can tell you . You guy's are truly a inspiration to me and many paranormal groups who do this to help the many lost souls out there. I send much Love and Respect to you all from the UK and look forward to your next video. ps I heard dancing with the stars will be in touch soon ;-) 


Marylee Losardo:

[The End of WAR] Ingenious group! Innovative research combined with connecting with your guides to cross over lost souls. White Light and prayers to you and for your work always.




[A Speck of Faith: 3:33am 11/12/13] Your work gives hope to so many, thank you so much!


Nancy Estes:

[A Speck of Faith: 3:33am 11/12/13] You are an amazing group. I thinks it's your Devine faith that draws these lost and stranded souls. Prayers to you all! Thank you God for sending us your Angels to help guide home your lost flocks! Amen!



[A Speck of Faith: 3:33am 11/12/13] I wanted to thank you. I saw how happy you are in your faith and what you are accomplishing in these videos, that I asked Jesus into my heart. Your grace and compassion has saved me just as you are saving those lost souls out there. Thank you so much. 

Response: SupernaturalMedia: Let God take your faith and make it grow. This is not about "doing good or evil" His grace is free, just believe it and the salvation part is done. From here bring no condemnation on your head...just get to know God and everything else takes care of itself in time. You are the most precious thing to Him. He has plans for your life. You are so child of God a joint heir with Christ. All power and authority was given to Christ and he in turn gave it to us. In time you will become the very hands, feet and heart of god in the earth. There is a party in heaven for you and we will all be there.



Dewott Splash:

[A Speck of Faith: 3:33am 11/12/13] I happened to stumble across your videos at a bad moment of my life. They helped me get through some tough times and I thank you for that. I'm not very religious but I do believe in what you are doing to save the lost souls and I am very glad you are here. Keep doing what you do and thank you for this video.



[A Speck of Faith: 3:33am 11/12/13] Ever get that really happy, joyful feeling in your heart when you know, you KNOW  that when you have prayed with love and hope in your heart, that God has heard you and has answered you by giving you that joy in your heart from that prayer? I have. I never used to feel that way, I was bitter and negative and resentful, I ran away from God so many times, I felt so guilty at this, I used to cry thinking God would never forgive me and that I hurt him for the way I kept walking away, even when I used to pray I used to drift off and be distracted elsewhere.  Then lately I started to rethink my life and how I had been and how I treated God, I searched around for inspiring things on YouTube, meditations, music, talks etc., didn't know really where to start in my bible anymore, I was scared to be honest, then one night I came across these wonderful people here, sharing their love and hope for the lost souls to come home, I felt it in my heart that this was Jesus telling me to just believe and that he loves me and to not worry. I found myself praying to him just asking for a hug. And now, that feeling has never left, it brings so much joy and feeling of love in my heart and when I saw this video Shawn made I wanted to just come along and say thank you. Thank you for pointing me in the right direction. God knew I needed somewhere to start, from that grain of faith, through watching you all help the spirits to come home, to praying for help myself when distressed a few months ago and I begged for Jesus to send his angels to protect me from a distressing time, I then saw in my mind 3 angel figures full of color, rainbow colors and they were there. In an instant. One flew straight in front of me, calming me down, and I thanked God so much for helping me right then and there and felt so much love from him that he cared that much for me straight away, and from then on. I know God is here and that my faith in Jesus, and my belief in him will not fade and I will not run away anymore. So guys, thank you again, and I apologize for my long post. I just had a lot of feelings from this and every one of your vids. :)

Response: SupernaturalMedia: Of everything said 1 point is critical: "I felt it in my heart that this was Jesus telling me to just believe and that he loves me and to not worry". You see it really is just that simple. You were feeling condemnation for thinking you did this or that wrong...but the entire time God never saw that at all. I'm SO glad of all the goofy things YouTube has done in the last year that they finally did one thing right and allowed people to write longer comments! "Spaced out again" you are inspiriting to say the least. You are walking that struggle so many people have before you. So many had that tiniest of faith and died never putting anything into to it or acting on it. But I tell you this, WE ARE helping people activate it because of Christ. That small thing is all we need to LIVE AGAIN FOREVER IN ABUNDANT LIFE. God is not Santa checking His list for those that have done ‘bad’. He will NEVER condemn us... WE DO THAT. Everything changed when Christ completed his work. It's our jobs to break down the religions and return people to God because the wedding bells are ringing and who so ever wishes to come may do so....I plan to be there with bells on dancing!




[A Speck of Faith: 3:33am 11/12/13] I thank you and your team for all the work you do in leading people to Christ. Your team increased my faith 100 fold, and I am interested in starting my own Ghostbox ministry. Thank you for praying for me.  My name is Becky, and I have been watching your team awhile. Keep doing what you are doing. God bless you.

Response: SupernaturalMedia: Thanks for letting us know that your faith is strengthened. We pray over this ministry to reach just as many who are alive as there are who have passed but for whatever reason did not make it home. This past year we have seen 4 other teams take up the banner with us to break down the gates of hell and set the captives free through the resurrection power of Jesus Christ. My personal desire is that Lucifer would stand alone with an empty hell when that great day comes. In the end we shall all dance before the Lord of the living and the dead because he saved us. As you journey into the mission I would encourage you to read "the Great Divorce by cs Lewis" It is exactly what we do and the mindsets we run into every day in the field. By the end you will feel the tug of this ministry more than ever. On our team and our Crew Teams it’s like required reading =P


Denise Pauley:

[A Speck of Faith: 3:33am 11/12/13] Since I found this web site, I have been relieved to know that the stranger things we encounter in our lives are not always evil, but just misunderstood! Granted there is Evil ,demons, possession, hatred, murder , rape, etc.....I believe in God, to me he is everywhere, and everywhere I go, he is with me, good or bad!! I don't talk about him all the time, but in passing, I will say my peace!!!! I want to Thank You People for the work that you do....So many lost souls out there didn't have a chance to learn of god or just didn't know how to turn to him....Now we have people like you...Thanks By the way, that Speck of faith, I really enjoyed praying with you, God Bless, and Good Luck



Larua Fuhrer:

[The Gospel of the Risen Dead] Wow!  I was so floored I had to listen several times!  I have never heard such an emphatic and identical plea to "help us" on an EVP and a ghost box at the same time!  John usually speaks of Psalm 28 in your previous videos...this time Psalm 49!!  POWERFUL!!  I feel as though I am being spiritually schooled every time John comes to help the spirits cross over through you, Dan and your group.  This gave me chills.  Thank you for sharing this it made my day. Continued blessings to you all


Adam Mendelson-Bush:

[The Gospel of the Risen Dead] I watched this and was totally blown away. I hear people say that no one is in heaven yet. But my opinion is that everybody is waiting to hear Jesus speak. Like at my Church we have worship where there is dancing and worship music. Then after is the Sermon. I think they are up there partying till Jesus sermon begins. When we all get to meet him.  It gets me emotional watching these Videos. Because I think of all those years these Spirits spend in the dark, being tormented by Demons and other spirits. But you go out and you save their lives. You let God work through you to save them. Making you stronger. I believe God has a Special spot for yall in Heaven. Jesus is Proud.  I know it Shawn.



[The Gospel of the Risen Dead] It's crazy to see the mention of "The Gospel of the Lost" when my preacher used that very phrase last night.  We were going over Luke 15, where it has the parables of the lost sheep, the lost coin, and the prodigal son.  Luke 15:7 "Just so, I tell you, there will be more joy in heaven over one sinner who repents than over ninety-nine righteous persons who need no repentance".



[The Gospel of the Risen Dead] Wow, so inspiring, with every investigation you do, with every soul who believes in Jesus and asks him for help, comes this feeling of the most amazing inspiration. It always makes me cry, but in the happiest of ways. this was a fantastic investigation and everyone has learned something today. The invitation from God to come home. Thank you for uploading this :)



[The Gospel of the Risen Dead] I want to say, that my whole way of thinking has changed. over the past year since watching what you do for Christ, my whole life was based on a guilt trip and fear of God, thinking I was always bad etc, but over the last year, this...[this help I see] has just changed everything for me. The realization that so many people are not seeing' what it is all about. it just changes everything. I am shown how much God loves us and to not be afraid anymore. :) thank you ( I don't like pestering too much, but I do believe in saying thank you and saying what is in my heart whenever I feel inspired by events)

Response: SupernaturalMedia: I have so much to say about this because you have perfect points throughout. I think, most important, is that you now know why we do this, and why we are filled with joy. God does not ask us to beg for His love. He already did every act He could to show us He loves us. First off, He GAVE us Free will. At that point we could spit in his face and even kill Him and take over the throne and run all of this on our own. Wait, we did that. We killed His Son and tortured incident souls for money.  Yet God loves us so much He did not utterly destroy us and start over. Instead...He raised His Son from the dead, Gave Him the throne and allowed us to rule WITH HIM. WOW....On the other hand humanity still has a VERY LONG WAY TO GO =) but instead of begging He simply looks for even the smallest speck of faith in us. The very act of saying "daddy I need your help to understand you" AND HE RUSHED IN, lifts us up out of even the darkest pit and squeezes us in his arms. The world is a vampire, it will suck the very life out of you if you will let it. But we are called for greater because of Him who loves us, Him who died for us and Him that makes us Priests and Kings in the earth. Sherry, as always I deeply enjoy your posts.



[The Gospel of the Risen Dead] WOW, Amazing!!  Every time I watch one of your videos, I cry, and pray and thank God!  It just fills me with so much love and thankfulness that even after death, God makes a way for us!!   Thank you!!



[The Gospel of the Risen Dead] I lost both my parents, 4 years ago when my dear dad passed away I started having doubts about the existence of any after life but since I've been watching your video's my doubt's have lessoned a lot ,I'd like to thank you so much for restoring my faith in god and the existence of a after life ,I pray that my parents are together in heaven.




[Message From the Angel: Ask and it will be given.] 5:53 "Ask and I will come." "Out of death." It's so simple. it's all we need to do, and believe in Jesus. We are being told this over and over by, Jesus, the angels, the high priests. you and me, and still people choose not to. One day it will our time but in the meantime this, these videos are sent from god via you to us.:)

Response: Supernatural-Media: Yep, you said it. I think the point here is that "We, the human race" tend to limit God's power and Reach. The church screams thinking that Christ is only the Lord of the Living and His very word tells us otherwise. Obviously prudence in this field is CRITICAL. To me...this is the beginning of the resurrection of the dead. When you research that topic you will find that the dead rise to a new body, not the physical one we see today but a spiritual body sanctified through Christ to God. This happens to "ALL" not just some but "ALL" who call on the name of the lord according to HIS Word. We are seeing through our research at SNM that this applied to "ALL" not only in the body but out of the body as well. This is truly FAITH at its very core in Jesus Christ. ...Can the power of Jesus Christ break down the very gates of Hell and rescue the captives? I SAY BY CHRIST YES. ALL THINGS ARE POSSIBLE. AMEN. In the end those that worked hard, laboring over the field in Life will grumble to themselves even questioning God ...Why should these that were saved 'after death' (at the end) get the same payment (salvation) that we did? And God will say....Because I AM...

As always Sherry, I love your comments =)

Response: Sherry: Yes to everything here! Going back to another of your sessions, in the very words that I believe Jesus said 'Nothing is impossible'.

Everything is possible! This is what I Believe - Just like you said, Salvation is not just limited to the living!  ref: John 3:15 "everyone who believes may have eternal life in him." Everyone.

I totally agree with you Shawn! I know it to be true, I always tell people of things that have happened to me and how God has helped me, it's an amazing feeling. To know the real truth is such a blessing. When we hear the spirits call out to Jesus for help.. yes!, Not limited to just the living!!. God bless you all so much guys!  : )



Zaira Crystal:

[Supernatural-Media 2014: A House Blessing...] God bless all of you, your job is very unusual and dangerous but I know that God is taking care of you! Keep it up! We are praying for you always.


Nancy Estes:

[Supernatural-Media 2014: A House Blessing...] May Gods light surround you all and keep you all safe! Prayers to you all! It's amazing to see you once again saving these lost and forgotten souls! Amen!



[Supernatural-Media 2014: A House Blessing...] Good to see you guys again, the only investigators I’ll watch on YouTube, watching from PERTH,WESTERN AUSTRALIA :-)




[To him that has an ear...] You guys take out all the mystery and "spooky" aspect of communicating with the spirits. And explain it in such a way that it's totally understandable. I love it!  It's all about helping, even the "dead" ,to have faith and belief that God is there for the taking and is all loving. this perspective! You guys are great...and truly connected enough to do this.


Carolina Silva:

[To him that has an ear...] My name is Carolina! when I saw your first video, I was amazed because all the other videos I saw there was nothing happening, just a small conversation with the spirit, but you guys went through this phase and more, you help the lost spirits, you take the word of God to the lost !! Don’t stop!! ... God had, has and will always have a purpose! I admire you and support you with all my being, I will pray for you so that you are always protected from evil but surrounded by good and the love of God!! I will do my best to promote you and get to know your glorious work!! Keep going my friends :) Don't never give up cause god is always with you, within you and around you!



[To him that has an ear...] Bonjour, vous m'avez permis de trouver dieu. Merci

                                                        Translated: "Hello, you have allowed me to find God. Thank you."



[To him that has an ear...] You Hello Shawn and Dan! I gotta say it is a gift from God to have your video on my dash. I thank the Lord for always restoring my strength, especially today, I asked him for help on a personal matter and here we are a new video with what looks to be like it will do just that. I feel inspired by Jesus now. I really do. Thank you!



[To him that has an ear...] Hello people who make this video happen. My name is blank. It is incredible how you do this sorta thing. When I saw these videos, it changed me. I am trying to connect to god now. I am not doing the things I used to anymore. Thank you.

SupernaturalMedia: The good news is that having a relationship with God is not about following or breaking rules. It is about getting to know God more and together becoming who it is that God created you to be. Christ came to complete the "LAW (the rules)" and took our place for breaking the rules. Because of this He made a way for us to be "right with God". It is His righteousness in us that allows us to stand before God and be accepted. Allow God to reveal creation to you, Your purpose, Most of all allow God to grow Love in you and overflow. Tell others about what God has done and is doing in your life. In time God will work through your hands, feet and mouth. Because in the end we are all God's Children and ambassadors to the earth for the Glory of Jesus Christ.

That is why we do what you see here. Because God loves mankind and the power of Christ extends to "ALL WHO CALL ON HIS NAME".




Bree French:

[To him that has an ear...] I wanted to ask you a question many years ago my boyfriend committed suicide by hanging and  I found  him what I experienced has  haunted me to this day his name was Danny ross he was 19 yrs old but what has left me still traumatized is that the catholic church would not give him a church service   and  he wasn't allowed in God's house (church)  was because he took his own life it is bad enough me  losing him but to have this done to him I want to know  is Danny in hell for what he did  sorry to bother you guys I know you are very busy but  I need to find  peace and also to really believe god is loving and forgiving because  I have a huge  problem believing.

Supernatural-Media: I remember like it was yesterday. It was not something I could forget. I can tell you that it is not up to us to say who goes to heaven or who goes to hell. I suspect we will be very shocked when we find out who is actually in heaven. Not all churches and people do God's bidding perfectly. The rule of thumb is love. Religion is an enemy of God's ways. Would you believe that Christ came to destroy religion....He did it quite well. But mankind loves rules and power and as such created a religion even out of the church. But it is not a religion, it is a relationship with Christ. We all have free will to do with our lives as we choose. Some take their own lives and there are many reasons for it. But it leaves behind scares in the ones that love them. Some are lost some are not. But that all depends on them and what happens to them when they cross through the veil from life into death. My hope is that when the final Day of Judgment comes Lucifer will come before the King with pride saying look at how many souls I took from you....and when in his boasting he turns around and finds himself standing alone. At that point his false profit, hell and death will be cast into the lake forever. And all of us will be joined in celebration before the King of Kings the author of our salvation. But for that dream to come true we have to trust in the Lord and His will. To do what He says to do within us, walk when he says want talk when he says talk , help those in need and love one another as god loves us.  Do not be tormented any longer by what those did to him and you. Look ahead to what God wants for you in your life. Anything less is not what God wants for you.


Bree French: Thank you so very much for your comforting words it made me cry because I have lived with the thought of Danny being in hell all these years because of what a priest said...... thank you, thank  you! My heart feels a little less heavy.

Supernatural-Media - In the events of our lives our weaknesses and hurts can be turned into strengths. Some people teach us who we do not want to become...that drove my childhood...but when I became a father I learned to become a man to break down the generational mindsets of the fathers before us. You have the same choice before you. To take the events that tormented you to grab a hold of, to know it was not right, and make change according to the revelation within you. We should teach the next generation to see well beyond us into the very heart of God. So that if we do not obtain the wedding feast of the lamb that those we raise up will in generations to come. I challenge the world to reflect on their ethno"SIN"trism and reject it for the very heart of God ...demonstrated by His sacrifice on the cross. What would this GOD not give up for EACH AND EVRY ONE OF then why do we condemn men for so many things to hell? A woman wearing jeans....a man watching TV.....this is why THIS GENERATION seeks after God more than our fathers before us. Because those who want to know the heart of God see it and religion stands in stark contrast to what God gives away freely.... Bree...let your light shine in the earth. Take the scars and count them well as a reminder of who you are and what you are called to do in this earth. Consider us all as actors in this play in your journey toward the moment you wake up and know the entire truth about the events in your life. Listen well, like an observer around you to all things, Choose wisely, Plan out your days mindful to the goal of becoming the best representation of who you are and who you were born to be. Every experience will guide you to that end....WE DO NOT EXIST in that reality. We are parts of the story to lead you home again...... I point the way....but it is up to you to listen and open the doors. To bend the spoons, to allow God to work through you and ultimately that was LIFE!


Bree French -  wow so beautifully said  thank you from the  bottom of my heart



[The Moon Raven] Thank you for what you’re doing.  I'm searching... been in the Christian realm all my life but I need more... I want to believe that this is real...  That God / Jesus is real.... that there is life after death.   What I wouldn't give to be present at one of your sessions. Please pray for me that God will make himself real to me?  I need HIM to show himself to me, not a pastor telling me what he says.... I need GOD to talk to me personally.  I've been praying that prayer for the last 2-3 years. I do have one question of you guys?  Why do you have the lights out?  Won't the spirits talk to you with the lights on? 


Response: Daniel Morgan Hi, teqsun.  We can understand how incredible it appears and we can assure you that what you see is what you get.  We are always surprised by the responses we get on investigations.  As far as your question, it isn't for a spook factor, but it limits distractions to the listeners.  In the blind processes we employ, we want to minimize any possible contamination including lip reading and body motions.


Response: Supernatural-Media Thanks for posting. I’m glad that Dan responded to you, but I (Shawn) also want to connect with you as well.  Dan and I got into this field because it appeared at the time that there were a lot of secular approaches to the supernatural. As Christians we wanted to take a look at this field first hand with a Christian Scientist viewpoint. We were very much willing to allow the data/finding challenge what we were taught in church and challenge science as we knew it. Little did we know at the time that both would happen. We found out very fast that there are spirits without bodies who need help and that they can be helped by Christ. We have seen this time and time again which we show in our videos. Are these videos “real” On my very life and reputation as a witness for Jesus Christ yes this is real. We do shorten the videos obviously so that all the dead space does not get boring. And there are minor times when we need to shift a response a few seconds back or forward because a person is talking over the box. But the content is 100% true as we see, hear, and experience it. So what does this mean? It means that there is a real spiritual condition of man and that in death what you believe in your heart will either bind you to the earth or will set you free. I say that the critical factor here is a relationship with Christ. Not some “I go to church and paint by the numbers person”, but someone who honestly seeks after God. A family member recently passed away. His life was a wreck and even his death was a mistake made by his own hands. On the outside everyone would question his salvation. But I tell you the truth that the moment of his death he was saved by Christ. To him it was a no brainier the second he left the body. Many, that we have seen, did not make that leap of faith in death and wonder the earth forever until the light-bulb comes on. It is better that this light bulb comes on in life as it is a slim chance to find the way if you are lost in death. The point is that this spiritual journey you are on is a very intimate journey between you and God. It is not something forced, and everyone has their own opinions about how it is done. But at the end of the day, when the lights go out [notice I’m talking on two levels here] it is completely about what is in your heart void of masks, lies, barriers,  imaginations and allusions. All of that is stripped away and you are left with pure truth. I pray that you get exactly what you have asked for and more. That the King of Kings would reveal His love for you as if you were the only Son. We know that according to His own Word that all who seek will find, and all who call on the Name of the Lord will be saved. It is not as hard as the church may make it appear.


Response: teqsun Thank you for answering that.  I'm a doubting Thomas.  Please know what you’re doing, it matters to the living and the dead as I'm sure you know.  This speaks more to me than sitting in church on a Sunday ever could.  I've done it for most of my life and it just feels empty.


Response:  Supernatural-Media [Replies] +teqsun You hit the nail on the head. That is exactly why we say the things we do. The words we speak are primarily for the living but also for the dead. That by these words they may find faith and be delivered by Christ in their spirit. At the very least stir up the spirit in them to ponder God, Christ, heaven and Hell and what they believe. People that see our videos are not the type to pick up a bible let along walk into a church. We show you the pure gospel of Christ working. As Dan Morgan, my partner in this work, has said “What we have experienced and seen is raw Christianity, there is no legalism attached to it, no ritual, and there are no politics attached to it. It is so raw what we see, and it is so simplistic to what Christ’s message was and what we believe the whole bible message was about.“ So it is our good pleasure to have as many who want to, join us on this journey to find out who God is and what His love can do….For the Living and the Dead. [Romans 14:9 For this very reason, Christ died and returned to life so that he might be the Lord of both the dead and the living.]


Response: Sharon Spohn Tucker: That was an AWESOME explanation, guys and helped, me too!!! Tegsun, if it helps, my relationship with God is very personal, not so much, "churchy". I talk to Him in my head a lot of the time, part of it is prayer, but most of it is like having a conversation. Everyone is different, but that has really helped me draw closer to Him and Him to me, although I’m sure He was always there. He was just waiting for me to open the lines of communication. I too, hope and pray that you get the answers and peace, you are searching for. The fact that it matters so much to you that you are searching and asking the questions, is sadly, more than many do, so I think you are probably more ahead of the game, than you realize!!


Response: teqsun: I have tears in my eyes guys, thank you so much from the bottom of my heart for taking your time to talk to me personally.  All of you!  I totally agree that the people who come here are not the ones that are the church type but "We" are seeking God in our own way. (I have many pagan& atheist/agnostic friends who I will turn on to this)  I hang out in all the "spiritual realms" looking for signs of THE REAL AFTER LIFE. (I know be careful but for me it was the only way to see.) For me I was saved at 8 and spent my whole life in Christian School and Church but I feel asleep in the light, lost in all the politics and arguments...blah blah blah.    After my father died (in my arms) I've been in a spiritual midlife crisis.  I saw firsthand how final death is... and IT SCARED ME SO BAD!  I started to question my very core of my belief system... is this stuff real or not because I HAVE TO KNOW!  If my eternity rests on this... and I will be judged for my faith or the lack their off... show yourself to me GOD. (as haughty as that is an ant asking the King of the Universes to show HIMSELF to her... but HE said he would... so here I am.  I figure if I could see Demons... or the afterlife. Then there was evidence that it was real.

Thank you sooo much, I will keep watching and will send my friends here as well.  The pagans are afraid of Christians because Christians are so full of hate & judgment, they can't see Christ.  This will show them.  Thank you again.  Tammy I. from Dallas Texas.


Response: Supernatural-Media: We are all in this together as a human race. You words fall well here and we hope that through this work it continues to help other find what they are looking for. We wish that we could do this full time because it accomplishes more spiritually than us working day jobs...but bills come =) But we do not give up, we keep breaking down the very gates of hell for so long as we have life in us. Stories like yours just fuel us to tight even harder for this cause. Because you...and your friends...and their friends and so on are worth fighting for because one man KNEW you were worth dying for.


Response: Sharon Spohn Tucker: So beautiful, everyone!! Now I have tears in my eyes!!! My search, in earnest began at the age of 15, when my brother died. I researched all the major and many minor religions and belief systems. I knew it had to be something I could make sense of, honestly, had to be honest because God would know and I wasn't going to risk my eternal soul accepting anything less!! I'm an Rn, with strong scientific bent, so it all had to fit, coalesce in my mind and though it took about 30 years of searching, what I now believe, I truly believe and it all fits. It all makes sense. It breaks my heart that so many people have such a poor view of us, in the world!!! I can understand it, but there have been so many who have done such good works!!! There's Satan for you, warping and distorting people's minds so that they do evil in the name of Christianity, so that they do evil in the names of all religions, until evil itself has practically become a religion in and of itself! God, please help us!!! Thanks for letting me ramble!! You guys are great!!!




It's In Gods Hands - Pre-Investigation Interviews at St Josephs Pomfret, MD.

WantToKnow :

[It's In God’s Hands] A fully discussed, group, dialog, among souls of different dimensions.  This is probably the most amazing clip I have ever seen - and I've seen almost everything to date!  Wow.  You are all doing something right, and have so many advanced souls and angels working with you.  Wow.


Donna Farrell:

[It's In God’s Hands] Very nice job.  I am so glad you are doing more sessions.  I look forward to more.  I wish I had a priest like Father Joseph when I was growing up.  Life would have been more thought provoking.  Thank you


Anna G:

[It's In God’s Hands] I so love your videos they always lift my faith. May God continue to bless all of you. Praise God!!


Mary Giusto:

[It's In God’s Hands] Supernatural Nedia is so amazing.  Each one of your videos touched by heart.  And I to check almost every day to see if you have something new to share.  Great video!  Please continue doing what you're doing.  Let love and light always stay bright for all of you at Super -media



[It's In God’s Hands] This is an amazing!  A  multidimensional conversation between souls. Blows my mind.. (I’ve never seen anything  like this... on youtube;  and I do watch a bunch of Ghost Box stuff)  The straight answers to questions like the girl in the cemetery. " Oh, that's Ann,, trapped, bury her before Shabbat." or When Father talks about his faith and how the body does not separate us, souls respond to it and say that it's deep. ( or that God is right here.)




shakti7457 :

[The Afterlife: Marla's Last Wish] LOVE YOU GUYS!!! PLEASE DON"T STOP!!! YOU ARE SO NEEDED!!!


Response: SuperNatural-Media : Thank you. it is funny, your timing, I was in prayer the last few days asking if my life in any way has made any difference at all? I get frustrated with myself because I have a deep desire to basically give away my life everyday as Christ did for us....but I don't ... I go to work...I go about life like everyone else. and from time to time i get to do something kinda cool to help someone...but it's never enough. As a result I feel guilty because i was not do more but must be choosing not to because of the "cares of the world". It drives me in circles. So hearing this now just blows my mind. So i guess all I can say to folks , above and beyond what you see us doing I pass on this message from the Father to me "Give up your life, even as Christ gave up His life for you", In this way you honor Me. I pray that everyday, I honor God in this way.


Response: shakti7457 : You are living your life, exactly as you are meant to do!!! God would never want you to turn your back on the people that you love and the responsibilities of daily life!!! All of you at SMN have been called, what an amazing gift it is, to be able to give hope and a means by which those who have passed on and not gone to be with the Lord, to do, just that!!! You are saving souls in a way that none of the rest of us even knew was a possibility!!!! That is absolutely mind blowing!!!! Not to mention the hope and restored faith, you all have given all of the rest of us out here, who watch your videos!!! You guys restore and renew my faith every time I watch one of your videos!!!! You guys are a vital part of my own personal, spiritual life and I am certain that I am not the only person that feels the same way!!!!


Alison Harbour :

[The Afterlife: Marla's Last Wish] Shawn Taylor's comments on why he is involved in this ministry shows the courage, compassion, faith and love of the Christian. I am not new to a belief in the supernatural power of God, through Christ (thank you for a place to share this!), but I am certainly new to videos on paranormal phenomena. The Church wouldn't venture much about life after death beyond trusting God that all would be well, remain in faith and the Spirit- true but... So, some years on, I don't know which freaked me out more: hearing possible evidence of life after death from spirit voices, or the deep sorrow I felt from their cries, in those hideous abandoned asylums and hospitals. Where were the Christians in the USA to pray for these poor souls? Oh, there you are!! Great answer to prayer for me but so much more dedication and courage from you. God's every blessing to all.


AJ Zepp :

[The Afterlife: Marla's Last Wish] You guys, man...just amazing. You hit it on the head, too...other investigators will have spirits clearly crying out for help and they're just like, "cool, I heard someone ask for help...". The fact you guys take the time to honor their request and go to work is just fantastic. I was really moved by this guys rock!


Evangelia D :

[The Afterlife: Marla's Last Wish] I wish that I can get to hear my loved ones in heaven talking to me if I can do a investigation with you guys i live in Union City NJ?


Response: Supernatural-Media: Normally we go to a place hunting for lost souls or remove spirits from homes. What happened with Jason was completely unexpected. As Christians we do not consult the dead. We don't reconnect people to their loved ones on purpose. We know that it is possible but it is against the scriptures to do this type of thing. For good reason.

Most of the time what you connect with is not what you expect and doors that are opened are sometimes impossible to shut. It’s a long story. But I can tell you it is much safer to pray and allow God to make that connection.

In our line of work. We aren't looking for consultation. Even when john "who is even of God" everything we do is directed to 1 focus. Christ. We 1. Determine what the spirit is, 2. Then deal with it accordingly. For example, If a demon or malevolent spirit is in a home on binding spirits under their control we remove them. We say this is to remove the strong man so that those alive and dead can be ministered to without the one who was oppressing them. BUT, because information of all kinds comes in we still collect data which gives us kind of a landscape put together over many investigations over time.

In this line of work the occasional "holy cow what just happened" moment is in inevitable. As in the case of Jason's sister. She just showed up out of the blue and we dealt with it. But by no means were we fishing for that interaction. At that time we were just doing our thing...looking to see if anyone needed help because of the many years of reported activity at that temple. Jason said that he had this feeling that see was going to show up....but he never told anyone that until after the event. If he had said something prior my response would have been, well man, maybe, but you know why we are here and we have a job to do. God does some awesome stuff so if she comes across then it is on God's terms not ours and we would get to the mission.

When people are seeking to consult the dead we are just not the right group for people because what they are looking for is not something SuperNatural Media is here to do. To that end we would warn folks not to seek out the dead....which sounds strange because one would think that is what we are doing... in fact we seek to raise the dead through Christ. To bind the dark ones, expose them to the light and free the captives. Dan and Shawn have said it before; There may be 1 million dollars buried in the backyard by a grandfather who has passed...We will not ask him where it is buried. We will only lead him to Christ. As tempting as it is, Christ and the Holy Spirit has given us a mission and we hope to run that race in Honor of Christ who gave up His life so that both the living and the dead could be saved.




Letters Sent to Supernatural-Media


Adrian Aspevik:

So, I noticed your video about "John's Message", a high priest that is like following your investigations and "A Ballroom Doorway to Heaven". And what I Noticed in the last video (a ballroom...) is that John, The Priest, said "Psalm 28". If you search this in the bible, it is like salvation verses that could help the ghosts to believe and be salvation. I’m pretty sure that you know this, and that you have searched on it a long time ago, but I just really had to be sure that you knew this particular verse! Also: Thank you for your amazing videos! I'm a HUGE fan! Keep on doing!


Response: SupernaturalMedia: Yeah, it pretty much blow our minds to say the least. We briefly mention John in this first book which goes into details about the process. But in the second book we will be covering in much more depth about John. Long story short if you study the role of a high priest he has the ability to travel from the outer courts of the temple all the way to the holy of holies. This is to say that he can on spiritual level minister on earth and before God himself. Now Christ is the highest King and priest however there are others. John is one of them. He makes it very clear that Jesus is the Christ and through him salvation is achieved. When he spoke psalm 28 he was literally performing the task to intercede for the lost. John has proven time and time again that he has one mission, and tends not to entertain anything outside it. Anyway, Im very, very… very glad you took the time to read that and see the miracle unfolding. On a spiritual note SAI is on a mission to bring the gospel even to the very depths of hell that all who call on the name of the lord may be saved. God loves his people. The words we speak are for the living even more so than the dead. We know that it is almost impossible for the dead to be saved. But if you read the words of God and believe that the word DEAD applied to the physical and spiritual your mind will be blown. St,


Response: Adrian Aspevik: Exactly! And there is so much going on in this unexplored world, and this just blows my mind away! I just saw the footage "A Matter of Faith", and it just blows me away how much information and sayings that just fits the bibles description and meaning... But I have also heard that it's not good to contact the "dead", what is your opinion on this? Sorry for spamming or anything, but I'm just incredibly surprised by your findings, and just want to know your meaning of all this!


Response: SupernaturalMedia: Ok so hang on tight. Let’s go back in time a bit. God set up a law through Moses For a reason. “What was that reason according to Christ and his Disciples? Simply to show us that no matter how hard we try we CAN NOT ‘BE GOD’ BECAUSE WE CAN NOT ‘LIVE BY HIS STANDARDS’. Christ came to complete the law. IE Read very close what Paul wrote to all the churches concerning the Law of Moses and the Law of Faith. This is a key to living free personally. A key I did not understand for a long time. An oopsy in my own walk… I got very legalistic and religious “trying to be a good little Christian” until finally I understood the heart of God. The depth and width of the ‘God of the Universe’ is simply this” HE LOVES US SOOOOOOOOO MUCH THAT HE GAVE UP WHAT WAS MOST IMPORTANT TO HIM, FOR US. As humans we did were about to do the same through a dude called Abraham. HE SPOKE FOR ALL OF US BY HIS VERY FAITH. He got to experience God on only a few occasions in his life and WAY late in his life but had more faith than any of us… seriously none of us today could handle the stuff this guy went through. God loves us enough to “sacrifice” his son like Abraham. So let’s understand the word sacrifice… That means to take something of serious value and GIVE IT UP. TO BELIEVE YOU WILL NEVER GET IT BACK. God established a LAW which ‘HIS SON died in’, in such a way that HE WOULD NEVER HAVE BACK HIS SON..EVER… HE did that for us. In that death Christ ministered to the dead ‘that were dead at that time’ according to the word. Even at that time no one understood the grace of God by Christ’s resurrection because HE WAS IN DEATH and had not risen yet. So Christ was playing out the SONGS OF DAVID “that even if he descended to the lowest of hell the valley of the shadows He would give glory and sing to GOD”. And SO HE DID! Then Christ defeated death and hell by his resurrection with both the keys to hell and death in his hands! He became the very GLORY “the highest popularity” of GOD. EVEN MORE IMPORTANT He became the archetype for humanity. To live in the flesh, to die, and to be reborn in a new form holy and acceptable to God. The LIFE of Christ was so powerful that he not only changed the fate of man but literally changed the heart of God in man kind’s favor.


SO, then, to your questions ”But I have also heard that it's not good to contact the ‘dead’, what is your opinion on this?” I SAY, let us consider what was actually said and why. The literal words were that we do not CONSULT the dead. Every man that consulted the dead sought the advice and counsel of the dead for their lives. To ask about how wars would turn out and insight into future events and so on. Their hearts were not toward GOD and thus they consulted the dead and every other means they could instead of God. Even the disciples ran into ‘death seers’ and remover their power because these folks sought after the dead instead of God. This is a very critical point. We by no means encourage people to pick up a Ghost Box and try to contact long lost loved ones. We by no means say ask or consult ANYTHING to find that lost fortune Gampah hid in the walls. Simply put “DO NOT CONSULT THE DEAD!” The dead perceive the world around them just as skewed as we do in life. Like a colored blind person we see what we think is reality in both life and in death but we only see in part. In other words take into the account EVERY CASE where God condemned the ones who consulted the dead and why.


WE at SAI will NOT CONUSLT the dead for the truth on any level. CHRIST is the WAY the TRUTH and the LIFE and in Him to we place our trust alone. We are “street preachers” on earth and even in HELL. WHY? Because I was a disbelieving man in life yet SAVED by CHRIST in DEATH because I called on Christ Jesus. AND SO IT IS the word of God is true…that anyone who calls on the name of the Lord will be saved. I was SAVED BY CHRIST IN MY DEATH. I was given a chance to come back and minister, unlike the condemned Lazarus who never had the chance to accept Christ because the work of Christ was not complete. NOW THE WORK OF CHRIST IS COMPLETE.


There is an appointed time when the dead will hear the voice of Christ and come out. This is that appointed time. These spirits have no opportunity to gain crowns, to pay tithes, of even repent or be baptized. They have only their salvation by Believing in Christ. The church will grumble because we, “the living” have worked so hard for the Kings favor yet these “the dead” at the end have found favor with God and get the same reward…”We misunderstand who God is and why He does what he does” He is the master and he pays according to his will not ours.


Everyone who has faith at some point must demonstrate that faith. So it is that the church will struggle with this ministry SAI brings to the table. This ministry is to living and the dead who are lost. All in all Christ is being preached to all who may hear. Let Christ be on their lips when it matters most.




From: Alexander Arciniega


My name is Alexander, I've been watching quite a bit of your videos lately. THEY ARE GREAT!

In Pasadena, CA, there is a dam called Devil's Gate. Some people say 1 of the 7 portals to hell is placed here.

I live 30 minutes away from this place but am saving up the money to buy my own equipment so I could research and help the spirits there in anyway I can. From my understanding, there are many spirits there. All children from what I've been reading. A man named Mack Edwards buried 2 children (Donald Lee Baker who was 13 and Brenda Howell who was 11) under the asphalt by the dam. Also, yeeears ago (somewhere in the 1940's), a man named Jack Parsons (a man of whom was involved with a cult named OrdoTempliOrientis, who practiced the teachings of Aleister Crowley) and Ron Hubbard (Scientology founder) were rumored to have been performing a ritual to summon the "Blue-Moon Child."

They both believed the place had a mystical energy to it, and even though they most likely didn't succeed in summoning the antichrist, Jack Parsons was able to succeed in having a research facility (JPL) built real close to it. People say he built it so close because he believed the mystical energy could help him reach the heavens.

I know you guys do paranormal investigations to help, and what I'm going to ask is going to be a lot, but, one day, I would very much be pleased to see you help whatever spirits are trapped here reach heaven.

People have seen some weird stuff near where the portal is supposed to be. Like creatures, etc. And the people who went to investigate got scratched by demons. I would imagine there would be A LOT of them around there.

But I believe you can help those poor trapped spirits. At least one day. I heard John speak to all of you in your ‘Message from John’ video, I have to say, and it was THE MOST tear filling moment of my life. You guys are extraordinary.



Hi there,

It's Lyz from YouTube in Florida! Thank you so much for writing to me. I just don't have the words to say on what I've seen in your videos of your sessions! I'm truly amazed and my heart has lifted somewhat of a heavy burden it's been carrying for the past several months. I think you guys were placed in my path for the sake of healing from back to back tragedies. (sp).

I know the lord walks with me daily because if he didn't I don't know how I would survive. I've been through every emotion known to mankind and for once I'm feeling a small amount of happy...not only are you helping people to heaven, but you are also helping people here on earth. That's quite profound and you all should have a sort of accomplishment in that.




A letter from Darlene Davis

Dear Supernatural Media,

Thanks to Shawn and Dan for showing the YouTube double-blind. The ballroom session and the "Matter of Faith" has brought tears to my eyes each time I listened. Even if (and doubt is part of my DNA, but not so much here), this is from demonic chatter, all it's done is point me towards Christ (praise the blood) and our Heavenly Father even more.

I'm currently working on studies from Chuck Missler. The book of Daniel, Revelation and a sundry of others through Koinona House. My heart has been heavy as four of my five adult children have no faith. I had one listen to the above mentioned videos and I can tell his head was spinning with the possibilities. As nothing is impossible with God, I cling to the hope that God can bring His Glory through anything. While realizing that our current time is ripe for what I see in prophesy, we need to focus on ministry, more now than ever. People are caught up in the politics and climate, end times calculations and money. I see it as a perfect time to give hope where there appears to be none.

Your ministry opens a door to the conversation that has never been used before. If there are people being given an opportunity in their death state, I praise God for such blessing, mercy and grace. Even so, those who are walking wounded around us can witness this grace and mercy, with the prayer that their hearts will soften, they will hear truth and turn to Him.

Thank you.

Darlene Davis



Letter from Kristie and Avery


Dear Mr.'s Taylor and Morgan,


     I am a Christian mother of two boys, ages 12 & 14. My husband is agnostic. We have raised our boys to respect all religions and beliefs but practice Christianity in our home. I do not attend Church as the ones nearest us seem to not focus on Truths and Word, but on socialization in the community for things other than spirituality. So we do not attend.


    My 14 year old believes in God and reads his Word even to this day from his bible.


    My 12 year old, however, says the only time he feels God is when he is in a tree. He says he is not sure he believes in Jesus, and is not sure that he believes that he has saved us already by dying for our sins, that all we have to do is call on the Lords name. He was telling me that he isn't sure that what the bible says is true.


    In the last couple of years he has refused to pray, made decisions that have gotten the law involved, cared nothing for others and was going down a path that had me and my husband greatly concerned.


    Recently, we watched together your videos from You-tube. We both like the paranormal and enjoy watching lots of other channels. We came upon yours called "a matter of faith” and then all the rest!


    After watching he told me, he believes! And asked, "How can I get closer to God. How can I help others to see what I just saw?"  I told him, Dan says it in the video. "Just Ask, and he will Guide you. Just call on his name, and he will deliver you until the path that you need in this life, and onto everlasting life after your body dies. Just ask!"

He was crying, and said to me “Mom, can we pray?"


    My little boy has refused to say his prayers for years, saying it was silly. He said he wouldn't pray because he does not hear.


    It took your videos of Truth, to bring him back to Believing the Truth of his word, and back into Gods fold. He talks now nonstop about "God would want this of me. God would not want me to do that." 


    His teachers and of course all of his family thank the Lord for you and all that you are trying to accomplish. Not only are you helping souls that we cannot see, but you have helped a young LIVE soul to see Truth and Believing it! I hope you feel Gods love surround you in this letter and understand just what this has meant to my family.


    He said to me the other day "If those souls that were trapped for so long can call on the Lord and go home. It does not matter that I didn't believe, The Lord will wait for anyone, mom, to call on him and he will be there. Even me. Who did so much bad stuff and made you so mad. God was just waiting for me to call on him. It seems stupid now that I didn't do it before!"


    Thank you so much! Please continue with your ministries, I know that there are MANY souls who need you.


Love and God Bless You all,

Kristie and Avery (son) M.


Response: Supernatural-Media:



Thank you so much for your letter.  We receive a lot of correspondence, some good and some not so good.  Yours has blessed us beyond measure.  We are greatly humbled by the results of what we do out of simple obedience.  It is for testimonies such as this one that we do what we do.  I have a request to make of you.


Shawn and I have talked and would like to send Avery a bible and a personal letter.  Would that be okay?  We realize we aren't celebrities or anything, but we are so moved to do something for him.  If this is okay, please send us an address as to where we could ship it to.  If you are not comfortable doing that I completely understand, but please consider it. 


Getting back to your letter, we have learned so much through this process, which is pretty transparent throughout the videos online.  When we minister to the "lost souls" we have found that so many times mindsets in life follow through in death.  One thing we considered fairly early on was that we were afraid that the "living lost" would see this as an excuse to wait to accept Christ.  For what we found was that it is so much harder after death simply because the mindsets of life are reinforced.  Either they feel eternally condemned with no hope, or they believe they know better than we do.  Either way, it is so difficult for them to realize their mistake and accept Christ.  You see that many times in our sessions. 


Thank you for taking the time to send us your letter.  As I said earlier, it has meant a lot to us, and we will pass it along to the rest of our team to encourage them as well.  Let us know if you are okay with sending a bible and if you have any translation requests as far as the bible goes.  Thank you, and God Bless you and your family.


Dan Morgan





Letter from Harold Murphy:

Well I just want to say I agree with John save all that you can. In Dec.2012 I had researched the paranormal due to my mother in-law being hospitalized and claimed she was attacked. After seeing the scratches on her wrist and back I went online to learn what I could researched and bought equipment to prove to my wife it was nothing only to prove the opposite. After seeing several of your videos and listening to the EVP's I caught,(at least seven different voices asking for help I decided to try. first off I don’t believe that I in myself did anything on my own. but engaged in a conversion with the spirits on their need to call upon the name of Jesus Christ, at which point I was called liar and one spirit got very upset. during the session that entity was confined in some manor and could be heard shouting to be let out( to no avail). I could hear the spirits calling on the name of Jesus at least 5 or 6 different voices. while recording this session I also took several full spectrum pictures and although I could not see anything because I was sitting in total darkness my camera caught what looked like sun rays coming through storm clouds (it is now my new screen saver).and about the time the picture was taken I caught and EVP exclaiming Oh My GOD. I have keep all the EVP recordings and video's some that show shadow figures crossing in front of the video camera. But the most remarkable EVP's caught was a voice I didn’t hear before saying to open the gate comes seven. I would love some expert help with the data I have.

Response: Supernatural-Media: Like you we had no idea this was even possible. In time we learned just how much God loves us. Christ is the answer. When we say call on the name of the Lord, we are really looking to have the spirit "call on, to have faith in, accept as Lord and savior". When we speak words we choose words that minister to the lost spirits but also to the living. To people that would never step foot in a church let alone want to head the bible. We know that the smallest spark of faith in Christ is enough for him to reconcile that person to God. Also you point out two things that people need to be aware of as Christians in this field. 1) Christ gave us the authority to bind sprits. Your audible voice in true faith can do this quite easily. 2) Removing the strong man (demon, human trying to oppress the spirits in need) is the first key to getting through to the spirits in need. Remember that these spirit who need help are bound mentally [physically to them] by another force...this is not always the case, but in much more frequency than we thought originally. Now for one more point not mentioned here. 3) Once you venture into this field you have entered a battle ground that has very real consequences. a) The church will ridicule you so start boning up on the Word and pray 'a lot'. b) Science hates Christianity so they will want to stop you. c) the world hates God and they will try to stop you d) demons hate God and will try every way they can to stop you, everything from personal oppression to oppressing family and friends to stop you. But for the sake of the Gospel of Jesus Christ we press on to set the captives free. Not even the gates of hell can stop His kingdom. The Father is calling all who have an ear to come to the wedding feast of His Son. Christ is the grandee jubilee and the resurrection. This Man is the reconciler of our Faith to god and our very righteousness. His grace is enough, His Word leads us and by faith our works will be justified that his every Word would be manifest in all of creation.



A letter from MOONBUNNY1000:

Good Afternoon,

I have been watching your videos for some time now. As I am unable to be a member of your site, I was however wondering if you help individuals?  I have experienced many paranormal, as well as angelic intervention.  One of which saved my life! Short story, I was a teen runaway, a trucker took me to an abandoned house, where there was only a mattress on the floor. I started shaking and he threatened to call the police, when he left, I heard a loud voice tell me to look out the window, I did and saw him coming around the house, and then I heard the voice yell to me "run"!  This has happened to me many times through my life. As I got older and went through much loss in my life, I found myself researching all I could on religions, the afterlife, God, and my purpose for being here. I fall at times into the sorrow of the heart and get off track, but I always find signs that remind me to get back on track.  So my questions are honestly hard to ask but I believe you may be the ones help me find reason here...   so here I go.  Do you believe that Jesus can show himself to people in meditations or dreams?  What is your feeling on forgiveness of those who sacrificed their own lives (suicide)?  I have recorded an interesting situation one night while I was laying down to sleep. I feel asleep and when I awoke I listened to myself talking in my sleep about God, and the spirit. I still have that recording.  Could it be real or just my active imagination in my sleep?  I have so many questions and no one around me to really ask. The churches around me do not believe in what I am speaking of and I would love to know that God forgave my fiancée and brought him home after his suicide.  Thank you so much for taking the time and reading this letter.  I appreciate any insight you may have or suggestions of where to find the answers. 

God Bless,


Response: Supernatural-Media

Tricia, Thank you for the letter. Our calling is first and foremost for the living. So your letter has no fallen on deaf ears. I hope the answers to your questions will find you well. Christ reveals Himself in many ways; dreams, visions, meditations, visually and audibly to name just a few. After His ascension into heaven He again appeared to Paul the apostle much later. So this shows us that Christ can and does appear to people. As for suicide there are many religious views about that topic. Good thing I hate religion. Religion is man’s attempt to obtain God whereas Christianity is a relationship with God, not a religion. I believe that ALL things are possible with God. I do not know the heart of MAN but God does. We all do incredibly stupid things. We are can make choices that limit the potential that God has in us. I also know that God never condemns as single person, not even in death. We condemn ourselves when faced with God, who is perfect. The only way we can stand…(Have right standing with God) is by Grace through Christ. His righteousness takes the place of our unrighteousness and covers all those mistake we ever made, make now and will ever make going forward. With that being said suicide is no more or less a sin than failing to help a hungry person when the Spirit clearly SAYS to feed them. We sin, we miss the mark of God all the time. That is why we need Christ. Without his Spirit in us we are completely lost whether we know it or not. All sins are forgiven because of the work of Jesus Christ in that cross 2,000 years ago. He proved His righteousness by His resurrection. Now, when it comes to Voices, the spirit, dream talk etc.. The human mind and spirit are very complex. Another name for God is the VOICE. This is because throughout history reports of God literally speaking to people is quite common. Again God reveals Himself in many ways.  To some it is a still small voice. To others it’s like thunder. The real question is not if God speaks….but what we choose to do about it that matters. Many hear from God but run as fast as they can from Him. I did for a long time. But honestly God has a habit of asking us to do hard things. I mean telling a man to part the red sea was light weight compared to john the Baptist who had to allow his own head be cut off for the gospel of Christ. But FAITH is never easy, if it was everyone would have it in abundance. So then….it is not about what I believe but about what you believe….And who you believe in. As for me, all that matters is Christ and His author over my Life. He gave up His life for me and I should return that to Him by sacrificing my life for others. For you, right now…that they would find FAITH in Christ and life forever. God is Good, All the time. His ways are Good, and his love endures forever. His Grace covers all sin and His arms hold us tight. There is no greater peace than that of our King. In Him all things are possible.




I asked God, in prayer, about “imputable sin vs. non-imputable sin”.

In response,

Imputable sin is directly between the person and God. Not that there is no forgiveness, but the only solution to the obstacle is repentance. But the non-imputable sin is covered by God’s grace because of what Christ asked for of the Father during His Blood Sacrifice for Mankind.  Christ gave up His Life for both the “imputable sin and non-imputable sin”, but the imputable sin, which we know about, deliberately, repentance is the answer otherwise Christ continues to die for that sin on your behalf. It is not that there is no salvation from imputable sin but there is certainly death. The conscience will scream at you, letting you know that death is the consequence/result. It may not be, today or tomorrow, but the consequences are death and therefore it will also remind you to stop, to repent. The non-imputable sin can become imputable once your conscience brings it to your awareness by the Will of God. Now, do not get me wrong, a man may be unaware of his sins but his conscience is sent by God to remind him. Once he is reminded it is imputable and therefore he is accountable. Someone who is not a believer is accountable to both imputable and non-imputable sin and considered his own works as his justification. Therefore he is judged according to what he believes in his own heart; by his own word. Just as a believer is accountable for what he believes in his heart, Jesus.




From: Tanya Lauderdale 3/7/2015 [Facebook]

Hi, I was wondering if Shawn is still able to hear without the ghost box, or if it's bothering him at all.. Does he feel odd with that ability? Amazing how the human mind opens. Will there be any new sessions soon? I might just not know how to find the new ones but I think the last one I found was over a month or so ago… Might have been three…


You have some good questions here. So I hope I can answer them without feeling too vulnerable...

In Oct 2013 this "hearing" thing started. To get the detailed story on that I would strongly encourage you to read the article called "The Voice" on our InSAIclopedia page

It is still in draft but is a good read:

 [Still able to hear without the ghost box?] It is safe to say yes, I can now hear without a ghost box, if not way better for just over a year now. We have demonstrated this many times since Oct but not all of the tests are on YouTube yet.

[Does this "ability" bother me?]... OH YES... I would not wish this on my worst enemy. At first [for about 6 months] it was the hardest thing I have ever gone through in my life...and I have endured some bad stuff in my life. Nothing comes even close. So much so that I would not recommend people using a Ghost box unless they know the risks and are willing to take the chance of going through what I have to. Now with that being said (yes, most of what I hear is terrible) but I also hear some extra ordinary spiritual things that absolutely make this 100% Worth every moment.

As Christian's we go by a few basic rules in this field, we do not consult (ask advice) from the dead. Instead we consult God, His word and His Spirit. We also test every spirit alive or dead against the measure of Christ the Redeemer and the Word of God. Because of that I can use the word to separate the light from the dark ones that I have no choice but to deal with. But when the Spirit of the Lord talks it is life changing. I have learned places were my faith was unknowingly weak. I learned what matters most to God. I have learned a lot about the character of the Holy Spirit, the Character of the Father and the most valuable precious grace of Jesus Christ. I have learned just how much the enemies of God hate God and do everything they can to take as many away from Him as possible and by every means possible. At the end of the day I have learned about the extreme difference between the physical man and the Spiritual man. I have learned that this entire thing Christ talks about has nothing to do with the physical man and everything to do with the spirit. I know what it means to be born again, and to pick up my cross and carry it for the Gospel of Jesus Christ. The message that all can be saved by Christ.

[Does he feel odd? with that ability] Very much so. At first I was very leery to even mention what was happening. My poor wife saw what I went through and so did Dan. We are all quite concerned that first 6 months.  Frankly, not only did I think I was going nut, but in no way could I “turn it off” let alone “turn the volume down” which is something we can do with a ghost box. I had to face my biggest fear. After that I went through various training periods were I HAD TO learn principles to prepare me to me for the end game. In life I feared that I would be seen as a medium, which I am not. I will not consult the dead for people even though people ask. Again, we go by the rules as we have done our best to understand them and why. The one time I did, I risked my life, the ministry and my very soul to do so. It does matter to me what my family and friends think of me, what the church thinks of me…but it matter all the more what the Father thinks of me. I can tell you that hearing the Father is my greatest joy and desire in this life. He does not speak often but when He does I’m blown away. I take no pride in this “ability” is a burden that like nails of the cross have ears pierced what my hands do and where my feat walk in the earth. What crown I have is pressed deep into my head and bleeds. I take no pleasure in this and have asked many times that this cup would pass. But in the end this has happened to me not for me, but for the lost to find their way home to Christ. And for that purpose I endure and learn and grow as I should. Yes I feel odd, like an alien from another world everywhere I look.

[Will there be any new sessions soon?]  I sure hope so, our team wishes we could do this full time. I wish we had more time to process the many clips we have in or stock that just have not seen the light of day yet. The works we do in the darkness are bought out into the light of day for the world to see and find faith. It my failure to not make this a priority in my life (for that I am sorry) the Maryland trip was a game changer for this team and more than any of our sets of videos these will be most important. But again, it’s taking way too much time to even collect all the footage from the various sources and compile it. If we ever find obtain the funding to do this full time it will only be by the will of God and through people around the world that believe this ministry is doing the right thing. It is taboo yes, but I can assure you that it is 100% real and 100% true. Lives are being changed (speaking of the living) by this work. Again, it is for the lost, those with or without a body. Souls that do not read the Word of God let alone walk into a church. We are quite literally breaking down the very gates of hell with the Gospel of Jesus Christ. It is the great commission in the rawest sense of the term.

I hope this long winded letter finds you well, and answers your questions. Feel free to question away =) We have a lot of amazing folks here in this forum.


doncooper512 : Ecclesiastes chapter 9 "....The dead know not anything...."  "....Neither have they any more a portion forever of any thing that is done under the sun...."

So with that being said, these voices that are believed to be from the dead are just not true....

Somebody somewhere is laughing their ass off watching you people run with this hook, line and sinker....

Reply from  Supernatural-Media: I pray for people who are in bondage in life and in death who are of a mindset that God is a hard man. He is not. The Old Testament paints a grim picture of who God is. Christ came with a New Testament in that if we see Jesus then we see the Father. Christ revealed to man who God really is. Paul the apostle of Jesus Christ, said that Christ was the embodiment of the deity of the godhead. He said that He was God in bodily form so that we could see who He really was. Jesus was saying “How I am, is how God is”. So, we learned, through Christ, that God saves prostitutes, when everyone else is ready to stone her…because she deserved it, she brought it on herself! We learned that God is willing to put His hands on lepers, people’s who’s fresh was rotting and falling off the bones (hear me spiritually not carnally) from disease. God knows the very number of hairs on our head, God sees every sparrow yet we are more valuable. God seems to be full of love and compassion and patience and mercy. God it appears is a Father, an Aba father, a daddy. You will never know the REST of God until you begin to see God as He really is. Our view of God will determine the course of our life in this world and in the world to come.


There are those who are alive but are dead, they go throughout life and know nothing and into death they continue in darkness knowing nothing of life. To consult them is to learn nothing but babble. They can by no means rescue themselves in life or in death, they are utterly lost. God came in the flesh as one of us in this life to show the way out of darkness and into eternal life. He laid down His very life to pave the way to the Father through the Son, on the bridge of the cross, from one tree, the knowledge of good and evil to the tree of life. He rose from the dead to become the Lord of the living and the dead.  He calls out to both and all that hear him will live. He sends out This message to reconcile the spirit of men to God by the good news of Jesus Christ.

Ecclesiastes 9:1 For I considered all this in my heart, so that I could declare it all: that the righteous and the wise and their works are in the hand of God. People know neither love nor hatred by anything they see before them.

9:3 This is an evil in all that is done under the sun: that one thing happens to all. Truly the hearts of the sons of men are full of evil; madness is in their hearts while they live, and after that they go to the dead.

9:5 For the living know that they will die; But the dead know nothing, And they have no more reward, For the memory of them is forgotten.

God Himself in the body of Christ said.

John 5:28-30 "The time is coming when all the dead in their graves will hear the voice of God’s Son, and they will rise again. Those who have done good will rise to experience eternal life, and those who have continued in evil will rise to experience judgment."

This is the message that we bring to the living first then to those that are dead out of the body.

“The Kingdom of God is at hand, everyone who calls on the name of the Lord will be saved. Not even the very gates of hell and death can prevail against His love.”


It's In Gods Hands - Pre-Investigation Interviews at St Josephs Pomfret, MD.

Rich Lowley:

+SuperNatural-Media great stuff I think your work is some of if not the best out there.

I want to ask you a question in your opinion what happens to children when they die ? My brothers son died of swine flu 2 months ago this is why I’m asking.

Another thing if our souls are eternal and we have multiple past lives, stay with me lol, then when we die as a child wouldn't we then instantly revert to our older selves and there wouldn't actually be any child spirits? What do you think about this?



1) Sorry to hear about your nephew ;( there is no pain in the world worse than losing a child.


2) What happens when a child passes? I know that many may disagree with me but according to the bible the age of accountability is a factor. This means that children are instantly before the Lord in paradise with no fear of any judgement of any kind. You could call them innocent like Adam and eve before the fall.


3) The concept of past lives. Again many will disagree but biblically speaking the person actual SOUL lives but once filled with the life, personality, experience you name it. But the SPIRIT lives over and over throughout time and space. Christ said to his disciples “If you can understand me….John the Baptist is Elijah” And again in the bible we will see both “Elijah and Moses walk on the earth in new bodies and minister in Israel for 3.5 years” So the Soul should not be confused with the Spirit. When someone says, he is an old soul, this is somewhat true in that the spirit mental the person walks in is quite old and wise and the soul walking in that spirit will demonstrate characteristics of that spirit. Call it Spiritual Genetics hahahah


4) What about Child Ghosts. This one has a HUGE/wide range of beliefs, but I will explain based on scientific observations. First by saying that Child spirits are by no means what so ever truly children or children that have died and are haunting. They are in fact human adults or non-human spirits showing themselves as children.  The realm of the spirit is, described by spirits, as lucid. Like Lucid Dreaming the mind projects the observer’s reality. If, in my life I was most comfortable as a child I may subconsciously project myself as a child.  When I first moved to my house here it was very haunted. It was a little boy. We soon found out that the owner who built the house has a 33 year old son who was killed in an accident and was buried at the top of the hill. He grow up in this house and haunted every family after his death who moved here. We confirmed this with the original owner and the previous owner who sold us the house. In another case a little boy was haunting an old lady, come to find out it was a demon pulling on her heart strings to get what it wanted. In another case a woman on a battlefield was holding a baby trying to give it away so that it would be protected from the war. In this case the baby was not a soul or even a true spirit but a projection of the woman spirit nothing unlike the clothes that all haunting spirits project but a much stronger emotional attachment none the less. So, then I believe that children go to heaven straight away and that “ghosts” of nothing more that projections of older spirits.


Rich Lowley:

Thanks, I did see the video of that spirit with the baby, weren't you all out in the grounds of an old house at the time? You could hear gun fire and artillery? it’s like they’re stuck in a hellish situation playing over and over why is this ? Why don’t they move on or why doesn't an angel go and help them why do some pass over and some get stuck? and for over 100 years in this case are they living this every day?



WOW, exactly, we were at the Otto Farm at Antietam; a home right in the middle of the battle. And...You bring up a very good point that each of us get heartbroken about a lot. "So if they are in a hellish state, why not move on or at least Jesus or an angle come and rescue them?" If you have never seen the movie “What Dreams May Come” you need to see it because it demonstrates this exact situation to the letter. Again Life in the Spirit is LUCID….Perfectly crafted by the realm of Spirit for the spirit. From the MACRO to the MICRO level. From what we have learned a spirit is in constant evolution without death. It enters a body to learn, then back to spirit. Back and forth throughout all of creation. That very point and understanding it while in the body is its own rewording growth. So as bad as this is going to sound I will have to say it. If I am a spirit while in the body indulging is constant sin and hubris my spirit will be balanced against the Spirit which wants nothing more than my complete long term happiness. Sometimes to grow it hurts. Think about it. Let’s say you are a doctor and your job is to help “mental patients”. You want to say to them “SNAP OUT OF IT MAN! YOU ARE LIVING IN A DELUSION OF THE REAL WORLD!”. You bring in their families and friends and they plead with the patient for years and years… The Priests and Shamans of all religions come and do their thing…to no avail. Then one day… ”the light bulb comes on” and they walk right out of the locked doors of the “Ward of Psychos” FREE in both body and mind. In the realm of spirit it is the same. I tell you the truth that it is not God who Judges us. We judge ourselves and the universe crafty our existence through perfect LOVE even if the moment is pain. Through interaction we grow. Through Isolation we grow, through joy and peace we grow and so we grow also through pain and suffering. It is up to each of us to try and help one another in that process. SNM has chosen to do this even if it is a drop in the ocean. Every DROP matters to God, he demonstrated it by giving up his Son to torcher and death yet raised Him as proof that he loves us and will do everything in His power to TEACH us the TRUE. WAY to “LIFE” abundant and eternal.


Mountain Lake Hotel Investigation: Full DVD

Rich Lowley:

 I just don't understand? Why won’t god just take them all in, why do they have to plead for forgiveness, there are thousands of them maybe millions of them, lost souls maybe confused and afraid not knowing what to do who to turn too? It makes me think if there is a god he must be hard harsh and not as forgiving as people believe? I just can't believe that people die and cross over to this realm of the lost and then still find it hard to believe in god or whatever it is, they know they are dead and they are asking for Jesus to help them but there still not being helped what more do they have to do? it's terrifying to think are we going to end up waking from death to find ourselves trapped in an abyss in the never ending darkness with no way out pleading for help from something that could and should of accepted us from the moment we die, why is god or whatever it is punishing these souls like this what have they done to warrant this treatment? Wouldn’t we be better off dead? And this john? who or and what is he, I know you think he is an angel but the bible tells us it is forbidden to talk to the dead and vice versa, it also says that they will deceive us ? Is this john really a demon? Is he using you to convince these lost souls and then trapping them into hell? He could be and you'll never know. Has anyone of you ever spoken with a spirit before and then after they have been crossed?

there is something really fucked up going on and I want and need to know what it is before I die, I don't want to end up in hell or trapped in a prison like they say they are. Where is god for these people? Why doesn't he help them they are his children? So why is he not being a farther and guiding them back home like a farther should?


Shawn Taylor:

You have a lot of questions here so I will try and be blunt, and as specific as I can to help you.

1) Q: "Why must they plead for forgiveness?" A: They do not, nor has our observations ever shown that to be necessary, their sins are already forgiven. Our observation show that all they have to do is LET GO of whatever it is holding them back. If anyone is pleading it is GOD pleading for us to let go and move on, come home. Every single spirit that ever called on Jesus during our investigations were instantly transformed. So it is simple. The spirit who thought he was rejected was "rejecting" himself and God NOT the other way around.


2)" Who is John" A: please see the full answer to this in the video 33 Questions. We get this one A LOT.


3)"Is John a demon?" As you quoted the also says to test the spirits. To do this no demon can ever proclaim Jesus as Lord and Savior. John openly worships Jesus as lord. No do we or HE consult or do back and forth ... We do the job which is to minister to the spirit. Identify what it is and deal with it good bad and ugly. We do not do as the bible says "Consult the dead" it is forbidden and we do not do it. What we do is nothing even close to consulting the dead. Again this is in the 33 questions video.


4) Q: "WHY DOESN'T GOD JUST HELP THEM WE ARE HIS CHILDREN" A: The greatest gift given to man is Jesus Christ, his life, death and resurrection and the gift of GRACE that comes through him. The second greatest gift is FREE WILL. Under no circumstances will God interfere with our 2 Gifts as they belong to us. In the journey of our Soul AND Spirit we can say "thy will be done" and so God will also say "Thy will be done". If it is your will to have eternal life you will. How that eternal life plays out is up to you NOT GOD. God will never condemn you as His Child. HE LOVES YOU! If He gave up His only Son so that we could have eternal life abundantly full of joy and peace what would He not do? He puts all kinds of things in our path to help us make the choices that allow the soul and spirit to be free and to live. I am one of those things in your path right now...Just as God put a thing in my path to help me. Those that fall asleep in death are outside time and space and as such we cannot say for sure the "timing of things" but one thing is for sure, their path is not over by a long shot. The growth process for the spirit continues. They undergo what they themselves create and need to evolve. Some more than others. There are many levels from the darkness all the way to the light each one crafted by "gods" ....God's little creative kids....We are JUST LIKE DADDY..."as we think .. It becomes".


Shawn Taylor.

Co-Founder SuperNatural-Media LLC


33 Questions (Answered) By Supernatural-Media


Rich Lowley:

One question I would like to put to you is this, when people use the apps or ghost boxes like a PSB7 or whatever they use? Where are they contacting because it’s definitely not heaven, so is it hell? I’ve heard a lot of spirits reply that they are in hell and a lot say they are in a prison and some say they are in an abyss? But all of this points to them being in hell. What do you believe? Have you ever asked john this question?


That is hard to say. During the interview with Father Stokes it would appear that it is a place that is not heaven. Some would say this place is hell or purgatory but we honestly do not have enough information to know what it actually is. AND because we do not consult it is not like we can have a Q&A session to find out. All we can do is collect data points through observations between cases and look for patterns. On one hand maybe all of it is actually one place called the realm of the spirit but in the realm it is perfectly crafted for that spirit.. So then two spirits walk into a bar (the realm) and sit down side by side. One looks to the other and says "Damn its hot, my ARS is on fire" and the other responds what the heck are you talking about it's a beautiful tropical day out here with a cool breeze.... To one he is in a hellish state while the other is in a peaceful state.  We see this on battle fields were a native american will experience their belief system in death with the Great Spirit and right beside him a Colonial Soldier may experience a completely different thing based on their belief system. We are currently working with the discovery channel to explore this very topic of belief systems and the experiences between them. So far the evidence is leaning toward one place but perceived differently through the eyes of the beholder. There is a book called Cave and Cosmos by Michael Harner that explains this very well. page. Everyone has a different personal background, so in order to have spiritually the same experience (ie a perfect experience), it must be perfect for that individual. This is on of the difference between non-ordinary and ordinary reality; (Earth and Spirit). .... Also in the book it talks about this difference like this. on earth you see an American flag and think "freedom" is the meaning and someone else thinks "Rebelion” but in spirit the meaning is "FREEDOM" and one spirit sees an eagle and the other spirit sees the statue of liberty (but both understand the same meaning to  be "freedom".. one earth we mold what we see into understand in our head and in spirit the understanding is what is consistent but the seeing / experience is not. This is why we say "do not lie to yourself or run from God" Face everything head on and see them for what they are with as much truth as you can. Because in spirit what you believe will become the reality and lies once held are like prison bars to the spirit. You have to grow your way out of them on earth and in spirit. Oops I think I’m writing a book here, sorry about that.


33 Questions (Answered) By Supernatural-Media

Rich Lowley:

I'm an atheist but I just don't know which way is the right way to go for some reason I just won’t or can’t accept god into my life I’m torn between one side and the other.

I think to myself if there is a God then he is a cruel God and what frustrates me is, from a believers point of view no matter what you say for an example, little boy dies and you say why would god let him die bla bla and the answer is always something on the lines of, God has a plan he took him because?

in my mind if there is a god he is nothing at all what we think he is and is not all knowing and has a hand in everything we do I believe he has no power on this earth at all and has as much input into our world as a spirit does which is absolutely nothing.

We have free will but we were not given it it’s just something that has developed on its own and god has nothing to do with it and couldn't change it if he wanted to. I believe if there was a god he might of created us a long time ago just like we can create a virus but we have no control over anything it does once its set free could god of been an advanced being that lived for a very long time as flesh and blood but he himself died a long time ago and passed on as a consciousness as we pass on as the same thing?

I don’t believe a word of the bible it’s just stories but it has good values to follow. We must remember it was written by man and everything is blown out of all proportion by the overly religious of the time.

As you can see I have some unusual theories but I still know nothing or which way to turn. I just don’t see why everything has to be a test of some kind and why if it’s all real why don’t  we meet our kin after death why aren’t they there to guide us in the right direction when we pass wouldn't this put an end to all the lost souls out there. why do we have to ask for his forgiveness for living a normal life on this earth why do we have to believe in him to be accepted into his heaven when he has never shown himself to us over our life span it seems a bit one sided to me ?

Sorry for this long rant as you can see I’m very torn???



I think I very much enjoy talking with you and can see that as odd as this may sound we may think alike. I am with you when you are aggravated by someone’s ignorant response “God has a plan he took him because…” That statement is made often and is so wrong on so many levels. But for now there are more important part about your questions and thoughts which I hope we can spend time on together a friends. If you would consider me one by now as I do, you. I see God from a scientific perspective first before I could “believe” and start putting any “faith” into it. Like a look into any topic really, you start with the facts that you can get then in those are seen LAWs…then theories then hypothesis etc.  Same with God, there are things I know for sure that set the foundation and some theories and hypothesis that lead to aspects of faith. Like the faith we have of gravity or turning the lights on when we hit a switch. WHAT THE HELL IS GOD! Hahahaha There is no way HE is a HE and has some long white beard sitting on a throne on a crystal floor….If “GOD” is everything that is and is not…then it Is impossible for us to know WHAT IT IS…Logically it is impossible. So that in its self is separating GOD from us and isolating us…making it “seem like” God is far away.

I know that according to the writings of men who claimed to work for and with God that “God set eternity in our hearts”. Others have interpreted this to mean “the bible” is saying that every person who exists has this feeling that something is out there…we may not know what IT is … but it is SOMETHING. These interpreters would say that SOMETHING  IS GOD. I would agree but it took a long time for me to “believe that”.

For me. I understand the LAW of Cause and Effect to say that it is impossible for there to be an effect without a cause. This is to say the Universe cannot exist without out something causing it. And it something caused it then intelligence had to play a part in the cause. It is a mind bender but a lot of study on that topic is a good step. Some will even argue that it is possible in quantum mechanics to have an effect without a cause but this is only a theory and not a LAW.

I understand the LAWS of thermodynamics; specifically that energy cannot be created or destroyed it only changes. We are energy and therefore we exist after death BUT the debate is if our consciousness remains intact. I mean…that is the whole point right? When I had surgery I can to a terrifying question when I “woke up”. I did not remember going under anesthesia, nor do I remember what happened during. So then the “lights just went out’ and NOTHING… Is death like that? With no consciousness? Some say yes. So if that is the case morality questions kick in.

Morality: If consciousness does NOT persist after death then all we have is NOW. ME, MYSELF NOW. If that is true the fuck the world I’m going to do everything in my power to live as long as possible, and live the way I want to even if it means that everyone else can suffer. I and only those I like or love matter. It is selfish but who cares. This is all I have and at best I have 75 to 100 years to enjoy it. What kind of idiot would spend their life trying to make history? So I could be remembered? FOR WHAT, if I’m dead I will not care! Nor would I know or appreciate it! Why spend all that time doing something that will not matter to me later when I can do something that matters now. Shoot, for that matter why not take out as many things that make life unhappy. Or if I do something humanitarian now it is to seek the reward while I am alive. But instead, why not steal what I want and kill anyone that tries to stop me? Why teach others? Why help them at all, kill the sick and old, and week and disabled. Im not kidding these things are in the way of humanities NOW experience…in MY WAY. Geeze…I’m wasting my time at my job, watching tv, doing charity work….what the heck?

Morality; the question is also… What would happen if everyone did this, or did not do this, or thought this way…. Scale it up. What would happen if the entire world lived the way I spoke of in the last paragraph? Would then John Lennon's "Imagine" utopia come true? Some say yes, I say no.

Why do I live the way I do? Why believe he way I do? Why am I at peace “DEEP DOWN”? why am I happy? Why do I see good things in humanity and hope that humanity continues to evolve into the BEST Version of itself? Who determines the word BEST? Are we alone in this big universe and if not do they have eternity set in them as well?

Shawn Taylor


Rich Lowley:

You know if where they are is so bad and they plead for help. Why do they ignore it when it comes I just can’t understand it? I think there are realms that spirits go to that are suited to their own belief system, so some go into the afterlife in a certain mind set say one believes in a heaven and have led a good normal life and live in a realm of happiness, and these are the spirits we hear saying they are happy were they are. then you have the spirits that have led a life on say the dark side maybe some have killed people or whatever, so they go into their afterlife full of fear and their realm turns into something akin to hell or their imaginations of hell and these are the spirits that we hear pleading for help. I once heard a spirit say consciousness has substance from a spirit box and it has always stuck in my mind it said don’t forget this? So if this is right then something has designed it this way which brings into light an intelligence behind it all? Could god just be us a mass consciousness of souls because it seems the more people that believe in something the possibility of it becoming real becomes greater in life and in death. I am enjoying talking with you and would happily call you a friend. Thanks for helping me get my head around things. Rich...



I would agree that the realm of spirit is crafted to the observing spirit. I think that there are foundational truths and laws about the realm too. Unshakeable pillars as it were. I have studied this stuff for many years and still feel like I have not even scratched the surface in understanding it. I agree that what a person believes is important. Like the core of an apple that belief is covered by humanities flaws like dissolution, doctrines of men, fear, hate, cultural deformity. As the body sheds and the layers of the apple falls; the substance of the spirit, the core, is left. Stripped away of the corruptible, the body takes on the incorruptible and perceives eternal things. Time and space are instantaneous to them. This means even to us, the living in the body, assume that they are in “our time” when in fact that are not. For that matter their existence may “currently be” in the year 3,089 at a point when their spirit has moved on, yet we are interacting with them at an earlier point in their experience. I know that is a mind twister but a law in the spirit is that Time and Space are not factors. Understanding what that means helps “us understand the situation” better. We assume that a perceived torment is a bad thing. Again, we ask “why don’t you just snap out of it?” yet we do the same thing on earth in the body. People ask “why do you torcher yourself man?” The movie “What Dreams May Come” and the book “The Great Divorce“ covers this situation quite well. More importantly these matters of existence after death do depend on our belief systems we have now. So then if that is the case, which we both may very well agree, then it is important to have friends to help one another and have influences that help our Spirit Grow. There are things that I believe deep down inside and some things I lie to myself about for whatever reason. I hope that in time, if given the chance, I can work through both to clarity of mind and spirit. When I drop that apple and the universe consumes my core I want to see Jesus. I want to continue with life over and over again throughout the entire universe in all of time experiencing as much as possible from every perspective the universe, God, has to offer. I wish to walk in every man’s shoes when my spirit is ready, thought the body will not.






Smokie Harris:

[THE TRUTH IS OUT THERE] Hey man I don't mean to bother ya guys because I know you guys stay busy but I have a direct question for ya and would like you to really think about the question before answering it. for one I know you know its not just the end when we leave this world but I would really like to know exactly what your take is on Life after Death. your views,doubts,just your overall outlook on it. I know its kinda a unusual thing to ask but its really a good question for especially people that study the after life and coming from you guys it makes it a whole lot more interesting. thanks for your time and God Bless all of you



I will try to be as concise as possible. 1. We are followers of Jesus Christ and so our core perspectives come from the bible (Old & New Testaments). 2) We use the Christian scientific method which means that we do not take the bible out of science but use it to help understand God’s creation. 3) While a person is alive they form beliefs (With many levels of faith in those beliefs). Life generally provides lots of time to work them out and correct mistakes in them. For example a child my not believe that gravity exists but time helps them refine that belief and establish deeper levels of faith and understanding. However in death those beliefs no longer have time or space to evolve, the reality of them is instant as they are infinite. So in life one may not see the manifestation of their beliefs quickly or even at all, in death you do. Even worse is if you have fooled yourself into a fails belief (lied to yourself for whatever reason) because what you truly believe will become manifest instantly. 4) In the moment of that death this instant confrontation of belief has been described in many ways but I will describe it as (GOD manifested). Specifically this confrontation with truth is Heb 12:29 “God is a consuming fire”.  NOT said this is HELL…but it could be observed as that from the outside. From the inside (the person in the experience) is in that transition from being human in a body to now experiencing God completely…Like getting jacked directly into the super power plant. Some would say this is the experience of “being absent from the body and in the presence of the lord”. 5) So how hen do some spirit say that they do not know God or Jesus? Ah that is a good question. The answer is so controversial yet we can discuss it from our experiences in this field. First “ALL” who believe ON Christ Jesus as Lord and savior “Will” be saved period. These are not the folks in question. Those that do not are instantly faced with what they do believe against the truth of the Spirit (the universe, God whatever you call it) Think of it like a runaway dream state. It can spiritual out of control and to the subject it is very real. They are creating their world in the Spiritual mind without limits) This could be a very bad thing (like a terrible hellish state that the spirit never recovers from) Or could be life on a beach sitting in the sun. (CONTROVERSIAL YES). But why is sitting on the beach a BAD THING? Well Science tells us that this “energy” or what we call a “spirit” will be still here on earth in in this general solar system around the sun which in time will become a red giant, consuming the earth and its energy and eventually a black hole which nothing can escape. These spirits that have not moved on and into the Universal Truth will also be consumed into this black hole or “the lake of fire” where everything, the elements, even death and hell are consumed. This is why Jinns (a type of Demon is so bad. Because they teach the dead to create their own false paradise keeping them from Christ). 6) So then if in death one instantly experiences their faith as a follower of Jesus Christ “The Risen Lord” what might you expect they see in that moment when they step into eternity….YES THEY SEE JESUS! And every bit of faith is made manifest. This Spirit becomes ONE with THE ONE…and the universe. This spirit is completely filled, overwhelmed and made full of joy. 7) Just as in Life there are “constants” things that despite what one believes is TRUE…these are LAWS of nature “Gravity, time, space, mathematics etc” in the Spirit there are also universal constants, laws. Christ is one of them. So like gravity, you can learn from it and one’s understanding can increase so in Death a Spirit will gain understanding from the truth who is Christ and gain understanding about the big picture (GOD, the Universe).

I hope that helps.


Smokie Harris:

That is one of the most amazing replies on life after death I've ever read. I look at it in a lot of ways the same way you guys do. Most certainly in a religious way and following a lot from bible teachings but at the same time I'm not currently serving or in church. I have spent a lot of my life in church and was brought up with a lot of religion in the home, family. Mom always had the family bible on the coffee table kinda I got into the spirit box and doing some mostly investigations by myself and with some pretty good results on numerous occasions and my beliefs than as always were pretty much the same as always as how life after death was. I have always kinda felt like there was almost like another dimension here among us and that on that side all passing souls pretty much came and went as we do here on that side of course but from time to time are able to Cross over as they call it to our side in that being where we get spirits or ghost as a lot of people like to refer them to whether it be apparitions, orbs, etc. I don't want to come across as sounding ridiculous but here lately or perhaps for a few months now I've just become full of doubt on all of it pretty much and its had a great impact on me because like I said these are beliefs I've had particle all my life. it gets a whole lot crazier hold on to your seat! my sister has been in church for as long as I can remember and although she lives fairly close we don't visit a whole lot but she came by about a month ago and her and her husband were talking with me when out of no where she starts going off on him and saying stuff like I didn't know what all was going on, accusing him of cheating. now let me tell you I have known her husband longer than she has and you couldn't ask for a better guy. very hardworking and humble. Anyway he told her I'm doing anything to you and I finally spoke up and started reasoning with her to get her calmed down. she has always listened to me and actually came to me at time she was having trouble in her faith but she is now a ordained minister. so after I got her calmed down she proceeded to tell me  that almost a yr prior to this visit she was sitting in church and something black. said it looked like a big black hand came out of a woman sitting up in the front of the church and flew back and clung on to the left side of her face and has been there ever since. she ask me that day if I knew of anyone that specialized in that sort of thing and I don't and to be honest I wasn't real sure how to respond at all. but she said its there 24/7 she can feel it move and like when she is in service she says it moves more squeezes a lot just a very crazy thing. Anyway after they left that day it was right about that time that my beliefs and how I looked at life after death all changed. than something else that's super crazy to me is for about the last month or 2 at some point in the day or at least every other day I'm dealing with something that contains 666 whether it be a receipt, times on qualifying on my ps4, its something. I still have one receipt in my wallet that I'd been showing people talking about how often its been happening and was thinking about it best and my sister(other) came back from the store from me and said your stuff rang up to 666 . I was like not again!!! anyway I think somehow this stuff is all tied in to tearing down how I believe and feeling me with doubt that know have. my oldest son is atheist and believe after your gone...nothing!! and I've never felt closer to that in my life than I do know. I know without a doubt with god all things are possible but to say I believe it 100% is very much up in the air and its just not me to feel this way. heck I'm 50 this year so maybe its part Alzheimer's and part midlife crisis! lol anyway to wrap this up I truly get a lot out of watching you guys and if anything your videos kinda keep me holding onto what little faith I have and to hear your opinion on life after death was surely a blessing to hear. look forward to seeing more in the future. prob a bunch of autocorrect mess ups in this so hope its read able. Take care and God bless you guys


Donna Bowman: [Heaven Underneath Our Feet]

I just found your channel, listened to many you had with excitement and immediately subscribed.  I read ALL the comments too. I would just like to ask if you believe in a hell of Everlasting fire? My 20 year old son was murdered last year while changing a flat tire. He was shot in the head. I know he was having sex before marriage (long time girlfriend of three years) ...after his murder I have done sooo much research whereas I use to believe in the heaven and hell, but now know the Bible has been mistranslated for years for centuries... The Old Testament was written by the Hebrews and the New Testament was written by the Greek... Therefore the words we're purposely mistranslated for control of the people. I would just like to know your personal belief on the subject. Thank you and God bless

p.s. his longtime girlfriend just committed suicide the other day. She rented a hotel room and shot herself in the head holding the teddy bear my son had given her. Such tragedy...please let me what you think about this... it would be very much appreciated as I know you have done this for a long time now.




This is Shawn with SuperNatural-Media; First I am sorry about your son and the tragedy it has caused for so many people. I hope and pray that justice will prevail on earth and in spirit. I response from my account as this is my point of view and others on the team may have their own input, so be on the lookout for those. I know that you have reservations about the validity of the bible but after my own personal studies I believe the bible to be the very WORD of God and it is trustworthy. SO, with that being said biblically speaking Hell and Death are not eternal.  [Rev 20:13-15 The sea gave up the dead that were in it, and death and Hades gave up the dead that were in them, and each person was judged according to what they had done. Then death and hell were thrown into the lake of fire. The lake of fire is the second death. Anyone whose name was not found written in the book of life was thrown into the lake of fire.] We see here that Hell gives up those who are in it and anyone NOT found in the Lambs book would be cast into the Lake of Fire which is eternal. More importantly is that Rev 20 demonstrates that Hell is completely avoidable in life through Christ [Rev 20:4 And I saw the souls of those who had been beheaded because of their testimony about Jesus and because of the word of God. They had not worshiped the beast or its image and had not received its mark on their foreheads or their hands. They came to life and reigned with Christ a thousand years.]


I believe that the followers of Christ can, are and will continue to bring the gospel (the saving knowledge of Jesus Christ) to those on earth, in hell and throughout the universe; to ALL of creation across all realms which is covered by the Lambs Book of Life. I believe that the work of Christ through His death and resurrection defeated death and to all who accept His work (in that He took our place in Hell for us) HE has given eternal, abundant, life.


The first law of thermodynamics, the "Law of Conservation of Energy", states that energy cannot be created or destroyed in an isolated system. The Universe in its entirety is a closed system and as such means that all life force “being energy” is eternal. As Christians we believe that consciousness is retained even the life force leaves the body. This is known as the SOUL and the Spirit of a person. Through observations at SuperNatural-Media we see that what a person believes, or lack of belief will determine that experience in the realm of the spirit. Those who have created a hellish state or a delusional heavenly state still bound to the earth (but bound none the less) can be set free through this saving knowledge of Christ. We have observed that they cannot raise themselves up because “objects in motion tend to stay in motion. Like a rock tumbling down the rabbit hole they cannot under their own devises pull up. BUT is a force of equal or opposite natural interacts (a follower of Christ bringing that gospel) can, through Christ raise them up even out of the deepest of hells or deepest delusion which has them bound. This is why it is important for the saints to pray for both the living and the dead that the light of Jesus Christ will be seen and who so ever has free will can CHOOSE to live again.

I hope this helps.



Daniel Morgan:

I completely agree with Shawn.  This too is my personal opinion, but I believe that our state in death is directly linked to the state of our hearts.  My personal belief, and what I believe the bible says about salvation is that is is through Jesus Christ and Him alone, we do not have to be perfect or be "doing everything right" it is more about whether we choose to try and do it ourselves, or trust Jesus with our very souls.  Jesus came to fulfill the law, and then became our sacrifice so that we can have life.   So, I certainly would not assume anything from what you know he was doing.  "For all have sinned and fell short of the glory of God."    I will pray for peace for you and your family.  I am so sorry to her of your loss.


Donna Bowman:

+Daniel Morgan I thank you too for replying to my comment. My personal belief is what I wrote above and totally agree with what you said...and the Bible says . we have ALL sinned and fallen short  of the glory of God. I don't believe in a eternal Hellfire and I explained that above. Do you know what I meant about God saying it will rain fire on Sodom and Gomorrah and it will burn for ETERNITY. IS IT STILL BURNING? No.   I respect and conversation we have about this. I believe we all three are saying the same thing, but in a different way, please correct me...both of you...if I'm wrong. Thank you and I sincerely love watching your videos and reading the comments.


Sharon Tucker:

Dear Donna, I am not a member of the team, (team delete if you need to), I just wanted to say how very sorry, I am for your tragic loss!!!  I cannot imagine what you have been through!!!  Since finding SMN, several years ago, I can say that I have found so much hope and peace in their message and mission.  It has helped strengthen my faith, so much!!!!  I hope and pray that you have the same experience!!!  Their video, "Heaven underneath our feet", was especially meaningful, for me!!!  You and your family will be in my prayers!!!!  God Bless you and give you peace!!!


Donna Bowman:

Sharon Tucker....thank you for your encouraging words. So may I ask you? Did you read my reply to both members of the team? I know...without a doubt.. the spirit of God led me to their video...especially,  heaven underneath their feet. I want to see if you’re taking from it the same as I am. I'm taking that "John" is preaching the gospel during this video and those that truly repent and believe can then and only then enter the gates of heaven.  I would appreciate it so much if you reply. And Again, thank you.


Donna Bowman:

+Shawn Taylor thank you for taking the time out to respond. I know he believed in Jesus Christ. I know he believed in God, but with all that being said,  he was an immature 20 year old just starting out his life and thinking about what 99% of young men, relationship, family and friends. I did not mean to imply that I didn't believe the WORD of God, but to state that I just don't believe in a burning hell for eternity. example...the Bible says it will rain fire upon Sodom and Gomorrah and the will burn for ETERNITY. Well, as we know...the fire is now out. I believe the word ETERNITY was used differently than we use it today. Again, thank you. So reading and then re-reading several times what u wrote...I take it that you believe the same. Am I correct?


Shawn Taylor:

I believe so yes, Hell itself is not eternal but the end of hell takes creation to the great white throne judgement. I have some personal beliefs about how that will play out but it is more based in Science and theory because the bible does not get into detail about it. On another note what we have seen in our investigations is just how easy it is to come to God/Christ/ "Eternity" in the afterlife. Even the smallest spark of light is enough from what we have experienced. Even personally when i was 18 and had a "near death" experience Christ saved me the moment i called out in that death state. I would have moved on but Christ had a plan for me which i am completing in my later years now 42. At the time i was an immature young man who was bad influence on those around me....until Christ ;)


Donna Bowman:

+Shawn Taylor omgoodness....thank you so very much for your beautifully written comment. I now have peace. And yes, You are correct, God had/ has a plan for's to do EXACTLY what you’re doing and giving someone like me peace again. I'm crying as I write this comment as I know I was led to you by God. (good cry though) I can't thank you enough. I look forward to watching your upcoming videos and may God continue to bless you with your amazing gift.




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